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AirBrush Basics

When you install AirBrush for the first time, it comes preset the way we think most of our users prefer. We know that each person has their own style, so take a look at how you can make AirBrush do it your way.

How can I use a tool in AirBrush?

We are creating new tutorials for you all the time, you can check them out in @airbrushofficial, in THEBLOG and in the Main Menu of the AirBrush app; on the home screen (upper right-hand corner).

Select “more” and “Tutorial” to review all the videos that show you how to use the feature. Some of the features might be only available for Premium users, but you can try them out.

There is a bug inside the app – How can I report it?

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing some technical problems. To troubleshoot, please update to the latest version of the app. Please email us at [email protected] with more specifics on the issue as well as the type and version of the device you are using so we can help troubleshoot. We’re happy to help!

Which are the trending features to edit my pics?

We are always looking for new effects to add to our app. Currently, we have more than 50 features, 105 filters, and 7 tools. Some of the coolest effects include:

  • Bokeh – automatically blurs the background of your photo
  • Relight – changes the lighting in your photo
  • Acne – eliminates skin imperfections
  • Makeup – try out different makeup styles and looks

Each feature comes from extensive research, brainstorming sessions with our design team and reading user reviews. We aim to deliver the best app experience for our users.

What’s the image quality available?

You can choose your preferred image format for saving your edited photo.

Go to settings on the home screen (top corner). Tap on Photo Settings and select the desired Image Quality. HD is the format with the highest definition, and Standard is the format that takes up less space.

We are working on a Pro Image Quality, keep your app updated to find it. 😉

How can I save the original photo?

To save all the original photos taken with Beauty Cam in the AirBrush application, go to the application’s selfie camera on the main screen, click the “Three Dots” icon in the upper corner and select “Save Original Photos”.

Warning: if you enable this option, the application will take up more space on your phone.

Why is “Magic” not letting me save my edits? Is this a paid feature now?

“Magic” is the beloved free feature we all know. New premium features might have been activated automatically. You can adjust these features and how they are applied to your photos by tapping on the icons and selecting the settings you prefer.

To use free “Magic,” please tap on the premium features marked with a small blue badge and move the sliding bar to 0, then try to save your edits again.

If it doesn’t work please contact [email protected].

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