How to Remove Photobombers from Your Street Photography Edits

As summer approaches, you can get in some street photography practice. However, the biggest obstacle you find on the streets is the eternal presence of photobombers. Of course, this isn’t their fault and it’s to be expected that city streets will have tons of foot traffic. That doesn’t mean you have to accept photobombers gunking up your shots. AirBrush has four tools made to obscure or obliterate any distractions that make their way into your photos. Keep reading to learn how you can remove photobombers in a few easy steps!

Remove photobombers with…


woman in alleyway

One of AirBrush’s original flagship tools, Eraser, is quite the powerhouse for us to start off with. It simply removes! So remove photobombers by simply adjusting the size of the eraser and swiping at the object you want to remove until it has been taken out of the scene like was never even there.


Remove Photobombers - stamp

Our Stamp tool removes photobombers by covering the offending subject with another part of your photo entirely. If you have a repeating scene as your background or can choose a section of the photo that can blend with the area behind the photobomber, this tool will work seamlessly for you.


Remove Photobombers - blur

Blur takes a more selective approach to how you remove photobombers in your street photography. Though, as ever, it is simple to use. When you select the tool, just swipe over the areas you want to blur and obscure. You can adjust the level of blur effect and also clean up around any areas you blurred by mistake.


Remove Photobombers - bokeh

Our Bokeh tool is a bit of a steam roller. It automatically isolates your subject and then applies a blurring effect to the rest of the photo. That is, the background of your street photography photos. You have the option to toggle the strength of the bokeh effect to achieve the most aesthetic effect.

It wouldn’t be AirBrush if we didn’t give you options to find the best way to remove photobombers from your photos. Keep in mind that these tools can be used on their own or in tandem with each other to make the edit as unclockable as possible. AirBrush, the easy photo editor, can make your street photos ready to post in minutes. Once you do post, tag your pics with #AirBrushApp so everyone can all find them. Then follow us @AirBrushOfficial for our latest tips, tricks and hacks!