AI-powered features deliver seamless edits.

Click the magic of AI technology and completely transform your photos with just a few clicks!

retouch cover

Level up your look with virtual makeup

Your makeup game doesn't need to be strong for you to rock a fierce beat. AirBrush has over 80+ makeup sets and 150+ individual elements ranging from subtle, daytime looks to more daring nighttime aesthetics. No matter your vibe, you'll always find a look you love.

Turn regular photos into professional headshots

Say bye-bye to studio fees and hello to headshot presets. AirBrush delivers 12 carefully presets that instantly update your background and refine your image to create the perfect ID photo.

Create an alternative world that's all your own

Merge your boundless creativity and AI technology to create amazing images. See AirBrush instantly turn your ideas into a unique and alternate reality in your photos.

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