5 Ways to Create an Epic Cancer Edit

Is it just us, or does it feel like time is just flying by? In the blink of an eye, we’re halfway through the year, which also means we’re at the very heart of Cancer season. Yep, these days it’s all about celebrating our sometimes skittish but always sweet Cancer counterparts. So we’re channeling some of their best traits to cook up some epic edits using these 5 AirBrush tools.

Set Boundaries with Darkroom

Cancers are cagey by nature but we know they still care. If holding their cards close to their chest is what they need to feel comfortable, it’s fine by us. We don’t mind being kept in the dark about some aspects of our Cancer’s life, so long as they open up to us when it matters most. As a sign of respect for the boundaries that shall never be crossed, we’re embracing their secretive side trait with the Darkroom Filter Pack

All you need is Love

Wearing their heart on their sleeve is a classic Cancer trait and we love them for it. Because when they love, they love hard. And nothing epitomizes that Cancer kinda love, like heart-filled filters – the kind you’ll find bursting forth in our Love Filter Pack.

Stay focused with Bokeh

Loyal to a fault, Cancers tend to have tunnel vision when it comes to their inner circle. Selective creatures that they are, that inner circle is usually very small and Cancers have mastered the art of being blissfully unconcerned with anything that happens outside of their sphere. Similarly, the Bokeh tool blurs out all the unnecessary background noise to allow you to focus on what really matters. 

Keep the peace with Blush

Avoiding conflict is a Cancer superpower. They much prefer to exist in a state of serenity and they’ll go to great lengths to keep the peace. We can’t help but admire this in them, and, if we’re being honest, we sometimes wish we possessed this characteristic ourselves. So why not fake it to make it with the soft, soothing effect of the Blush Filter Pack?

No-Fuss with Bronze

If we had to assign a motto to the Cancer sign, it would probably be something like “no fuss, no muss”. Homebodies at heart, these guys tend to cherish the little details that bring joy to their daily lives. Simple, but still impactful, the Bronze Makeup Filter is the ideal makeup look to apply if you want to get a true sense of this astrological sign. 

We’re really digging the cool-as-a-cucumber Cancer vibes, how about you? Once you’re finished channeling all of their calm energy into your latest edit, follow us on Instagram @AirBrushOfficial for more tips, tricks, and hacks. Want a chance to be featured in our IG stories? Make sure to use the tag #AirBrushApp! Now, hop to it and start creating in honor of the Cancers in your life!