Airbrush Premium IYKYK Edits

IYKYK, you know? Right? Oh you don’t? If you know you know. That’s right we’re giving out inside intel on this here today. These are 3 of Airbrush’s most exclusive features and we’re gonna show you how to hack them like the pros do. We can all use things as they’re intended but true innovation happens when you put the cookies in the ice cream, know what I mean? So put on your sleuthiest outfit and get ready to find out all hacks for Airbrush Premium.

Matte-r a fact

The Matte Tool was created to get rid of that unnecessary shine and gloss. It works brilliantly on oily skin or hair that is just doing too much. Well IYKYK today we’re going to flip it and reverse it. The Matte Tool can also serve as a way of softening your surroundings and creating a clear focal point. Find your Matte Tool on your Retouch Tab. You can start off by adjusting the Matte Brush Size to fit your needs.

The Matte Brush can range from size 1-100. You can also zoom into the picture to make sure you’re getting all the details sharp & clear.

You can start brushing the surroundings and instantly see the effects of the Matte Tool. It gives you picture that soft feel but you can control which parts of the photo get it. Sometimes a filter will have the same effect but you end up losing the focal point or certain areas that you want  to remain their sheen. 

Once you’re done selecting you Matte area you can use the toggle on the right side to adjust the strength of the tool.

Voila!  You’ve mastered the art of the Matte Tool. Ready for what’s next?

The highlights

Highlighter has become a makeup staple. We’ve all dabbled in just a bit on the cheek bones to a full face of glam. Today we’re going to use that same Highlighter Tool on another prized possession… That’s right Highlighter isn’t just for your face, it’s for anything that deserves to get the glam treatment. Find your Highlighter Tool on your Retouch Tab. You’ll notice that our adjustable, handy dandy Brush is ready and waiting for us. 

You can begin brushing along the surface of your focal item. This will create a gorgeous shine on whatever it is you’re brushing. 

Once you’re done brusha brusha brushin’  you’ll be able to adjust the strength of the tool by dragging the toggle on the right hand side.

If there were an Extreme Home Makeover for cacti this would be it.

Glitz and glam

Our last installment of IYKYK Airbrush Hacks revolves around one of our all time faves, Glitter. The Glitter Tool really is a miracle of science that allows us to turn any surface into a gorgeous disco ball. Now, we’ve shown you how to use Glitter on eyelids, lips, even hats. But today we’re going to create some magic on something a little less conventional. A corn field.

The big difference when working with the Glitter Tool is that the brush is not adjustable. The key to a successful Glitter ride is to zoom in as needed on your target surfaces. You can Brush lightly or do multiple coats to make the Glitter more intense.

Remember to zoom into all the nooks and crannies to get you glitter exactly where it needs to be. All this glitter and you don’t have to live with it floating around your home for a month!

Now that you’re done painting the roses glitter you can switch between the Glitter Swatches to find the best one for your photo. You can also change the Glitter color before or while you’re working. It’s all fair game until you save your edits by tapping the blue check mark.

Wow wow wow look at that. Only someone in the know would know how to do that! IYKYK well guess what YOU know! Get out there and show the world what you know and make sure to tag us with the hashtag #AirBrushApp, and get a chance to be featured on our official account @airbrushofficial.