Avoid Photobombers while Traveling with These Foolproof Tips

If you’re getting back into the swing of travelling, you may have forgotten how prevalent photobombers are. In any popular city or tourist attraction, you’ll be sure to run into the problem of trying to avoid others in your photos. For that reason, AirBrush has put together a few tips to help you avoid photobombers. This way you can capture your memories and not a stranger’s.

Skip the Crowds 

woman walking down an empty street

You do this by being on location super early or really late. By arriving before others show up or after they leave, you’re ensuring that you can have the most picture taking freedom possible. As a bonus, you’re more likely to get that soft, golden hour light that adds a natural diffused light look to your photos. In either case, coffees will be necessary but worth it to avoid photobombers. 

Use Quick Fire Shots

couple staking pictures in front of a wall

Our next tip will put your point and shoot skills to the test. If you can’t be on location before or after the crowds, you’ll have to work around them to avoid photobombers. So position your subject, step back, determine your angle then wait. As the area around your subject opens up, snap a quick pic before the space fills again. This tip will work best if the site you’re visiting is not absolutely crawling with other visitors. 

Be Polite

Avoid Photobombers - be polite

Sometimes avoiding photobombers can be as easy as asking a question. If the photo can be captured quickly, this may be your best bet as you don’t want to be constantly asking people to move out of the way. Once people have paused for you, be sure to be move as quickly as possible and get your shot. Remember that you are sharing a public space and that you should extend the same courtesy you want in return. 

Go for Portraits 

Avoid Photobombers - portrait

The issue may be a matter of too much space between you and the subject. If you’re trying to capture a full-body shot, the distance to do so invites pedestrians to walk through your shot. To avoid photobombers try moving closer to your subject to get a portrait from the waist, torso or closer if you wish. Potential photobombers may likely avoid ruining your shot if it’s obvious that’s what’s happening.

Use Stamp

If all else fails you can always use one of the newest tools in the AirBrush toolkit, Stamp eliminates photobombers by stamping over them. This tool works best if you are able to match the area behind the photobomber. Once you’re able to pull from another area of the photo that can cover and match the section you’re stamping over, you’re able to avoid photobombers making an appearance in your pics.

Avoid Photobombers - stamp
  • Go to the Retouch Tab on the Main menu and select Stamp
  • Swipe over and select the area you want to stamp over. Tap the right-facing arrow to move on.
  • Select the area of the photo you want to stamp with 
  • Tap the checkmark to save your edit.
Avoid Photobombers - before and after

One of these tips will certainly work for you. You need only consider which is best to use in the particular circumstances you find yourself in. Rely on AirBrush, the easy photo editor, to have a way to simply edit your photos so you get to post them right away. Once you do post, we can’t wait to see them so use #AirBrushApp to tag your photos so we can find them. Then follow AirBrush over on Instagram @AirBrushOfficial for our latest tips and tricks!