Fun AirBrush Filters for Your Labor Day Edits

Who’s a big fan of long weekends? We are! And can you blame us? For three days it’s nothing but group hangs in the form of BBQs, pool parties, road trips, and so much more! Which of course translates into tons of pics to commemorate the occasion just dying to be shared. But first, AirBrush, the easy photo editor, is here to help you create flawless edits that truly reflect all the fun you had over this Labor Day weekend.

Dust Up Your Roadtrip Edits

Labor Day road trip edit with Dust filter

There’s something nostalgic about road trips that puts us deep in our feels – even with our present-day excursions. Out there on the open road with a full tank of gas and some of our favorite people, it feels like the only thing missing is an acoustic guitar and our very own country song. As luck would have it, our collection of Dust filters perfectly embody the wistfulness of this mood in these outings. Found in the Atmosphere category, the Dust-6 filter adds an element of vintage charm to your Labor Day photos.

Elevate Your Foodie Pics

BBQ edit using Tangy foodie filter

It’s safe to say it’s not officially a long weekend unless a grill is being fired up. BBQs have become almost synonymous with celebrations in the US and we love this tradition because…well, we love food! That’s why we created a whole collection of filters designed specifically to make dishes look extra scrumptious. And much like our food, we don’t want to see them go to waste.  So use one of our yummy Foodie filters, like Tangy, to make your meals even more delectable! 

Revel in Your Fun

Labor Day pool party edit with Revel filter

It’s the last few days of summer. What better way to make the most of them than with a legendary pool party? After all, we’re totally in favor of you doing the most with your crew, especially if the end result is scores of epic shots to share! So, why not emphasize exactly how fun your Labor Day celebrations were with a filter that delivers a cool, action-packed effect like Revel.

All About the Redwood

Labor Day hiking edit with Redwood filter

Fancy a jaunt in the great outdoors to wrap up your long weekend? We don’t blame you. There’s something about being completely surrounded by nature that calms the mind and soothes the soul. Once you’ve captured the beauty of the scenery around you, feel free to apply the subtle effect of the Redwood filter so your hiking photos truly stand out on your feed. 

Talk about beautiful filters and wonderful transformations (if we do say so ourselves)! Now it’s your turn to use AirBrush, the easy photo editor, to transform your Labor Day photos into intriguing edits. Share your unique creations using #AirBrushApp and be sure to follow us on @AirBrushOfficial for more interesting editing tips, tricks, and hacks!