Get to know the photographic personality of a Pisces by Gabi Bucker

And for today we will have Pisces, with ascendant to photograph and the moon to edit, with extra doses of personality, feeling and originality.

If you’re a Pisces, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not, you will understand.

The Pisces sign can be summed up as a synthesis of all the other signs: the last of the zodiac, carries a little of each to itself, but of course, with an individuality that is only yours.

Its main characteristics are creativity, emotion, sensibility, instinct and donation, a Piscean is capable of giving so much, but so much, that they forget to hear reality calling, well style, “hello Pisces, earth calling! LOL”; and these characteristics make Pisces relationship x photography, a relation of excellent fruits.

The Pisces is a nature lover and connoisseur of the arts, features that influence his visions and world records in all his perspectives. The Piscean’s photographs are full of feelings and poetry, alluding to a moment, an excerpt from a song, or simply carrying a message to which he wishes to explain.

They are pictures loaded with beauty, light and record the beauties of nature like no one else. Besides the beauty of the Piscian photographic look, the issues, are a case in point! The most common adjustments to people from Pisces are Saturation, brightness, and contrast since they are adept at the vivacity of things.

It is very common for the Piscean to see beautiful photographs in everyday life, in the beautiful flower that blossoms in the garden, the wave breaking on the seashore, the child running in the street, in the 24-storey building on the corner, because after all, Pisces places 150% of love in everything you do and see.

Need proof?

Pam, from @pamhmello, shows in her feed, nature with a sensibility that fills our eyes! She argues that for the Piscean, to photograph nature is to show with sensitivity and love the works done by God!

closeup of a woman holding a pink flower
overhead shot of a red rose
Ph: @Pamhmello

Ph: @Pamhmello

Luiza, from @laranjaluisa, besides nature, shows daily life, love, and poetry! She argues, that for Pisces, it is necessary to feel the photo, do not just take the camera and point to something, it is necessary to connect with the moment!

Ph: @Laranjaluisa

Exciting, right?

Is that you? Are you a Piscean? Do you understand signs? Tell me here in your comments your sign and your style of photography,ok?

Kisses and until the next post!