Halloween (Part 2)

Do you enjoy celebrating Halloween but not necessarily in a scary way, at all? We want to give you some ideas on how to edit your pictures if you are into dressing up but rather do it in a cute or attractive way. As you know, AirBrush has a tool or a filter for anyone and everyone, so these few that we will mention are great for the occasion!

Pop of Color 

The Ultrapop filter pallet in the AirBrush app will give your pictures a different kind of effect without the idea of the picture being drawn too far away from the Halloween theme. It sticks with the idea of having an appealing costume without having to portray something evil or scary looking.

For instance, on the following picture, the ULT-4 Filter fit perfectly into the theme already there, it just gave it the extra touch:

woman wearing Harley Quinn costume from Suicide Squad

We didn’t have to do much, just popped the Filter in and intensified it to a degree where it will not overdo the colors, but it will increase the effect already shown on the picture.


If you prefer to do a cute outfit, this Filter from the Ultrapop pallet and these Makeup tools will create an even better photo.

woman wearing Native American clothing and makeup

Since she already has some makeup on for her costume, we enhanced the colors on her face. We also made the theme of the picture stand out by adding a filter, which made it look more in touch with the idea of an old photo.

Alluringly Dangerous 

Are you portraying a seductive Halloween character? The Ultrapop filters will work just as well and adding some Makeup on too. We used the following two combinations:

woman wearing a black cat costume

Considering her face doesn’t show much, we wanted to make sure her lips did not lose their color when applying the Filter. So, we added a little bit more of the same tone just to make sure it still showed.


We have two surprise effects for you! If you head over to the Makeup tool, you will see two additional options for you to choose from. Here is a quick preview of how cool you could look if you decide to try them out!


woman wearing a Wednesday costume from The Addam's Family

And to honor such a great movie that came out a few weeks ago, the Joker:

woman wearing scary Joker makeup

What Matters

Find your creativity through these filters and tools and make the best out of the festivities. Exhibit yourself and your 2019 Halloween edits, and as always, don’t forget to tag us @airbrushoffical!