How to Remove Photobombers from your Life

It’s month 11 of 12 and many of us are in review mode as we also look forward. One thing you may hate seeing as you scroll through your phone’s camera roll is people you’d rather forget. Are we right? We mean, it’s highly inconvenient that they are cluttering up your year’s worth of memories with their bad vibes. And to help alleviate that inconvenience, AirBrush has some tried and tested tools to remove photobombers from your digital memories permanently. 


remove photobombers - stamp

Imagine the satisfaction of literally stamping over the person who chose to cut themselves out of your life, to be honest. The Stamp tool allows you to grab any other section of your photo and paste it to remove photobombers easily. You only need to ensure that the section you’re grabbing can blend seamlessly with the area you’re covering. There are customization tools to ensure that cutting out your photobomber leaves you with a perfect edit.


remove photobombers - eraser

The only thing more satisfying than stamping them out is rubbing them out. It’s very hands-on and offers that sweet feeling of watching photobombers disappear, piece by piece. Eraser is easy enough to use; as mentioned, all you have to do swipe over the person who now makes you cringe. But your smiling face can remain. For surgical precision, adjust the size of the eraser before swiping back and forth. If you go overboard a bit, we understand the enthusiasm, there’s an eraser undo option.


remove photobombers - blur

If that certain someone’s face is fouling up your favorite trip of the year but erasing or stamping them out won’t work harmoniously with the rest of the pic, Blur will work wonders for you. Turn that loser into a total rando with the blurring effect. Control the strength of the effect and the size of the blurring brush to make sure you remove photobombers and toxicity from your photos. 


couple under a tree

Like Blur, Bokeh also removes any post-relationship regrets from your photos. But this tool applies automatically and makes sure you remain the focus of your life. No attention is spared for the person or people who chose to do you wrong over the course of the year. Simply chose your Bokeh shape, the level of focus or rather the lack thereof, and you have a perfectly usable photo without any head-smacking reminders of who you spent the year with.


person in a beanie hat

This is the most drastic way to remove photobombers this year’s end. It’s not recommended for those special occasion photos but if you have a casual group or couple selfie, with they who shall not be named, you can pretend they never existed. Use Background to swap out the home or park setting for one you like better and cover the photobomber up with the precise selection tool and they’ll never be seen again. All done without catching a case. Win win!

You don’t have to tolerate keeping those who chose you to cross you in your photos nor do you have to delete your epic photo albums of fun nights, family get-togethers and treasured travel destinations. At AirBrush, the easy photo editor, we advocate for making your own reality and if that means pretending you never actually met that certain someone, we can make that happen. Once you remove photobombers from your pics, we want to see them online. Tag your final edited photos with #AirBrushApp and then follow us @AirBrushOfficial for the latest tips, tricks and hacks.