It’s Sagittarius Season

A new astrological period has begun, and as we get closer to the end of the year, we also feel the strong shifts of energy in the sky. Those born from November 23rd to December 21st are ruled by Jupiter and have the Fire element in them. This group of people is also represented by the archer, which makes them natural born explorers for knowledge. 

Sagittarius Season 01

Sagittarians desire change in their life, incline towards spirituality and can be adaptable as well as flexible. They are so easy to get along with and can light up any room. In their love life, Sagittarians are a wild ride, so be ready for anything and everything, but just know they are hard-lovers.

How can this time of the year benefit you even if you are not a Sagittarian yourself, especially while using the AirBrush app?


Utilize the natural born leader in you and work towards your independence. Create originality in your posts, so other people follow your work. Don’t be afraid of what other people will think, just like Sagittarians who don’t mind outside comments.

While editing your photos with AirBrush, try out something you had always wanted but never dared to before. The Reshape tool is a great option to work on that challenge. It is a taunting move, but also a brave one. 

Sagittarius Season 02


Sagittarians are honest and generous, they know how to put themselves in your shoes. They truly love their partners and will be straight forward with them. Do you have this trait naturally in you? Express it as often as you can, people appreciate honesty. If not, this is the perfect period to work on it. 

We understand that social media is not a priority in a relationship, but if you feel like sharing a photo will bring it up a notch, then do so. There are many filters in AirBrush that can help you express your love in such an honest and unique way. For instance, the ANL-6 filter from the Analog package.

Sagittarius Season 03


Part of that desire for change is the desire for being sophisticated and cultured. Sagittarians believe in improving themselves, this also goes along with spirituality. Dig deep within yourself to find that aspiration to improve yourself, to learn new things, and to find the meaning of your life. What is a great way to do so? Traveling!

Book a trip, be independent, and open-hearted to try it. While you are at it, take awesome pictures and of course, use AirBrush to make them look even better. You can quickly and simply Enhance your photo. Decrease Brightness and add Grain

Sagittarius Season 04


The intense curiosity and sense of humor of Sagittarians are what make them feel fully enthusiastic about life. It does not matter if you were not born under the Sagittarius energy, you still have this capacity inside of you. We all do. So, let yourself be as adventurous as you can and truly experience the freedom that comes with it.

Use the AirBrush tools to help you tap into this adventurous energy. The Beauty Magic tool is the perfect option. Let the app do its magic, you just choose how much of it you want it applied. 

Sagittarius Season 05


It does not matter how the sky was aligned when you were born and what planets rule you; every month, we have the available and necessary energy to work towards ourselves, especially when it is your birthday month. We want you to make the best out of every zodiac sign and use the AirBrush app according to it. Tag us @airbrushoffical so we can see the Sagittarian vibes in you!