It’s Scorpio Season! 

We’re officially in the 8th astrological sign of the year, and let me tell you, the vibes are electric! This water sign, guided by the mighty Pluto – the planet of transformation and destruction – is in full swing from October 23rd to November 21st. It’s time to brace yourself for a cosmic ride.

Scorpios, known for their intense desire for control and unwavering determination, are here to teach us a thing or two about fearlessness. So, why not harness the powerful energy of this month to work on your own ego and start chasing those dreams with unshakable confidence? It’s time to ride the Scorpio wave and make the most of these fierce vibes. 🌟🦂💪


Scorpios are known to be clairvoyant, and even if you are not ruled by this sign, the current energy will help you be more in tune with yourself. Go with your gut feeling when making decisions, and you decide when it is time to share a new picture, use tools from the AirBrush app that can help you express yourself without going against your desires. Listen to your intuition. The Magic tool can help you do so, it creates enchanting edits but allows you to have control of the final touch. 

Hat + Beauty Magic
Red Hat + Beauty Magic


This astrological sign wants to be charming and captivating. Use the Makeup tool and a Filter from AirBrush to invent your look. Show off your attractive side and never let others turn off your light, even after the Scorpio’s month is over. If you feel like this is an area that needs improvement in your life, then take advantage of it now. 

brows +Blush + ANL-2

Dark and Dangerous

Just like the scorpion animal, Scorpios like to wait and attack. This makes them a mysterious group, so you never know what’s coming. When it comes to sharing photos, you can use this strategy of mystery and design something that no one expects! Use any of the tools under the Retouch tab and create a one-of-a-kind look that will have everyone left at awe. 

Smooth +Sculpt + Skin Tone

Transform Yourself

As Pluto is ruled by the power of destruction and transformation, this also applies to humans. When the sun enters, the Scorpio energy people are inclined to work on themselves, their ego, and their necessity for change. The AirBrush app has tools that can motivate you to achieve these transformations. For instance, the Sculpt, Reshape, or Whiten tools can give you this boost of encouragement. They will create a fast and easy improvement, but they will push you into making the real changes in yourself. 

Sculpt +Reshape + Whiten

Stay Loyal

Stay loyal and focused on what you need to do for these next couple of weeks. Work with yourself to create improvements, raise your intuition, be flirtatious, and always stay mysterious. Scorpios are a strong bunch, so you have the power to be so yourself. The tools mentioned before are some options for you to choose, but you have the free will to do whatever you want!

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