Part II: Your December Horoscope

Happy Sagittarius Season! The sun will be in the sign of Sagittarius for most of December, challenging us to explore, learn and expand into a higher consciousness. Sagittarius is the sign of travel and philosophy. During Sagittarius season we are asked to be an eternal student, learning from other people, places and belief systems. Jupiter and Saturn will be making a Great Conjunction on December 21st, indicating a critical new epoch in your life and in the world.

What do the stars have in store for you in December? Read your astrological forecast to understand the energetics at play in your life and check out the AirBrush feature most cosmically aligned with your astrological destiny this month. For an overview of the month and the horoscopes for Aries through Virgo, please refer to Part 1 of our October Horoscope series. Be sure to read the horoscope for you Rising sign for a more accurate report.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

This month will stimulate your mind, dear Libra, with new ideas and lots of chatter! You might also find that your relationships with siblings or neighbors become a focus this month with the sun shining through your 3rd house of siblings. Regardless of the details, the theme of your month is new ideas and mental stimulation. It will be a great month to nerd out on lots of books, magazines and spend days binge watching documentaries.

The great conjunction will fall in your 5th house of creativity and romance so you should feel a new perspective on both those topics take shape in your life. Do you give too much when you fall in love and lose yourself? Do you invest enough in your inner creativity and fire to take center stage? Or, do you defer to your partner and shy away from the limelight? Harmony and balance is the name of your game, Libra, but now is the time to make it just about you for once.

Libra AirBrush Feature for December: 

What’s center stage without a spotlight? The Relight Tool will make sure the focus is all on you and that gorgeous face. For once!

December Horoscope 01
December Horoscope 02

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Financial questions and resources will come up this month for you, Scorpio, with the sun shining through your 2nd house of assets. You might find yourself opening up new bank accounts, making large purchases or just generally focusing your energy on money management. Scorpio is the sign of investment so this is not foreign to you, however, this month will be more about how your financial habits affect your emotional security.

The great conjunction will activate your 4th house of heritage so your relationship to your family, your father and/or traditions will come up. Consider this an opportunity to turn a new leaf in your personal narrative about your family. What parts of your past can you let go of and what parts can you take with you? And, you should take some parts with you. This is not a time to cut ties and burn bridges but to reframe your personal narrative of your childhood. Remember, Scorpio is also the sign of transformation and healing.

Scorpio AirBrush Feature for December: 

As you reframe your personal narrative don’t be afraid to try more than one. Let the VHS Filter Pack show you in a couple lights.. At once!

December Horoscope 03
December Horoscope 04

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

Happy birthday month, Sagittarius! The sun will be shining through your 1st house of personality and identity so it’s all about YOU this month! There is no sign more committed to exploration and expansion than you, dear Sag. You inspire us all to grow out of our comfort zones and envision a world that expands the bounds of our experience through travel, higher learning and religion. Your energy will be in demand this month, Sag, so you will find yourself busy and the center of attention.

The great conjunction will occur in your 3rd house of the mind so bright ideas and interesting discussions with siblings and neighbors are sure to happen around December 21st. These impromptu brainstorming sessions will challenge you to more concretely measure the value of your ideas. You are a dreamer with the ability to THINK BIG, dear Sag. But, can you build out your big, bold ideas into concrete action and execution? 

Sagittarius AirBrush Feature for December: 

As our valiant dreamer you should have a filter as dreamy as  you are. Try the Daydream Filter Pack for some misty gorgousness.

December Horoscope 05
December Horoscope 06

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

What a time to be alive, Capricorn, and what a time to be feeling as thoughtful as you will this month. The sun will be shining through your 12th house of secrets, sorrow and spirituality so those themes will be at play. Namely, dredging up the pain, secrets or sorrows that can make you feel a little less productive than usual. Lying in bed all day and sitting with your feelings is not the type of life you like to live, Cap. You are a DOER. But this month is going to challenge you to sit with your feelings. Don’t forget, dear Capricorn, radical vulnerability and deep feeling can be a sign of strength too.

What have you learned this year about yourself and the patterns of behavior you undertake that lead to your own undoing? The great conjunction will occur in your 2nd house of finances so an inflow or outflow of money could occur around December 21st. You might also just find that your approach to money and your assets changes this month. That is, you might become more or less attached to your stuff.

Capricorn AirBrush Feature for December: 

Whether it’d be mentally or financially, flow is a theme for you, lil capy cap. Try the Prism Tool and lets the world flurry around you as you find your ground.

December Horoscope 07
December Horoscope 08

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

This month will feel very aligned with your values, Aquarius, with the sun shining through your 11th house of friendships and dreams! The 11th house is where you’re most comfortable, Aquarius, as it represents a community-oriented approach. How can we build community and innovate systems that help evolve humanity as a whole? Social justice and humanitarian matters will take focus this month. You could get involved with a grassroots organization or other community action group seeking to make a difference in the world. It will also be a month of hopefulness. You’ll feel a sense of optimism about the future that you haven’t felt in months.

The great conjunction will activate your 1st house, Aquarius, so you could make drastic changes to your appearance around December 21st. You might also just feel totally different, like a new person this month. We are entering the Age of Aquarius on December 21st. This is your time, dear Aquarius. A time when you will be called to help others understand what actions need to be taken to save the planet and help the collective rise.

Aquarius AirBrush Feature for December: 

Did someone say drastic changes to you appearance?? Sweetie, this one’s easy. Hair Dye is the feature for you. Take your hair on a test run of all sorts of colors before finding the change you’re ready to commit to. 

December Horoscope 09
December Horoscope 10

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Career matters will take center stage this month, Pisces, with the sun shining through your 10th house of career and reputation. Use this energy to kick off the new year by making big strides in your career. If you’ve been hesitating to take a career risk: leaving a job or pursuing a new one, now is the time to go for it. Be honest and clear with yourself about your aspirations. Remember, if you never try, you’ll never know.

The great conjunction will activate your 12th house of spirituality and self-undoing. You are no stranger to this energy so take this moment to take stock of how far you’ve come in your emotional maturity over the last decade. How have you internalized other people’s sorrows and made them your burdens to bear? How have you rooted out the subconscious behaviors that make you feel less powerful than you actually are? Let go of the things you need to and remember you only have one life to live. Living in the shadow of other people’s pain and negativity is not only a waste of precious time but a deep disservice to yourself. Balance your self-reflection with earthly to-do lists and practical matters. You’ll feel more grounded the more you focus on organizing the mechanics of your life this month.

Pisces AirBrush Feature for December: 

Why not celebrate your freedom from the shadows with a picture full of shadows! Might sound counterintuitive but a dose of SPL-3 will represent that you are the center of your universe and shine bright, shadows or not. 

December Horoscope 11
December Horoscope 12

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