Quiz: Which Lucifer Character are You?

Ahhh…the charming hellion returns for a final season of Lucifer and we have to admit, we’re intrigued. With all the twists and turns of the past five seasons, who knows what’s in store for this last hoorah? While we wait for the drama to unfold, we took the time to pair some of our favorite Lucifer characters with signature AirBrush filters that reflect their personalities. Curious about which character is most like you and which filter suits you best? Take this quiz to find out!

Close up of woman with blonde hair looking into the camera

Guess what? Lucifer's back for one more season and we've got some hot filters lined up for each of the characters. Take the quiz to find out which character (and filter) is most like you!

The Results


Lucifer edit using Scarlet filter

You, my friend, ooze charm and drip sarcasm, making you everyone’s favorite dark angel. It doesn’t matter what alias you’re using on any given day – and you’ve got many (Samael and The Lightbringer, to name a few) – the road you’re traveling is generally paved with good intentions. However, your methods are sometimes questionable. As a result, the half-and-half effect of the SCL-2 Scarlet filter is right up your alley!


blonde woman against a sky backdrop

Faithful and loyal to a fault, you’re no-nonsense like Mazikeen. Also like Maze, you’ve got a softer side that’s revealed to those closest to you. Very much like Lucifer, there’s the potential for great light to penetrate your darkness and because of that, the shadowy effect of the SPL-4 filter is absolutely perfect for you!


Lucifer edit using Strong filter

Your determination and discipline are commendable and they define who you are as a person. Like Lucifer’s older brother, Amenadiel, your honor and loyalty make you someone people rely on constantly. While this can be a burden at times, you wear it well. The Strong filter is the most appropriate filter to shine a light on all the silent sacrifices you make.


Blonde woman sitting in a field

The quintessential good-guy, you’re as squeaky clean as Chloe and deserve a filter that matches your character. The Clean filter reflects your focused, diligent, and conscientious, approach to life despite the chaos Lucifer brings to your doorstep. As such, it should definitely be your default setting for photo edits. 

So…which Lucifer character’s filter suits you best? Use it to create a hellish edit and share your photo using #AirBrushApp. For more cool editing tips, tricks, and hacks be sure to follow AirBrush on Instagram @AirBrushOfficial