Season Fit

Happy Holidays, everyone! Some of you may have celebrated Christmas a few days ago, and some other of you are celebrating Hanukkah or your particular festivities. We wish you all the best during these special days, and we are thankful to have you as our AirBrush family.


The celebrations are not over yet, we still have the New Year to ring in and many other ceremonies coming up. Besides the festivities, the weather is still changing as we are now officially in the Winter season. This post will be dedicated to those pre-party pictures you’ll be snapping, and how to edit them with a Filter from AirBrush, of course, we’ll be using filters that go with the current theme.


A world-wide known city to ring in the new year is in New York City, their Ball Drop is recognized as a must place to be at least once. The large crowd and the cold weather is probably a crazy experience to live, but if traveling there is not a possibility, you still have your NYC Filter to bring in the vibe.

Season Fit 01


As of December 21st, we entered the Winter Season, if you live in the northern hemisphere of the world. Along with the lower temperatures, we also get some breezy days. If you are not a fan of this weather and rather not feel the cool wind on your face, at least you can try the Breezy filter, you won’t get cold, we promise!

Season Fit 02


We can’t imagine what winter must be like in Iceland at the moment, but we don’t have to be physically there to enjoy the atmosphere. On your AirBrush app, you can use the Iceland filter to give your photos a colder vibe.

Season Fit 03

Lastly, these days feeling cozy is a must because stepping out will more than likely make a part of your body feel stiff and cold. A part of feeling warm and cozy is feeling enclosed, for instance, with a blanket. We can’t give each of you a soft, comfy blanket, but we can offer you the Vignette tool from AirBrush to edit your pictures and make them look warm and inviting.

Season Fit 04

Happy New Beginnings

We are excited to welcome a new year full of possibilities, adventures, and in growing our AirBrush family. We have one last post for you all before the year ends, come back soon to share with us a road down memory lane of our great app.