The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s day is upon us! While finding the perfect gift can be a pain, finding the perfect memory is an easy and thoughtful way to celebrate mom! How do you gift a memory you ask? Well with a perfect picture. Throw in some nostalgia vibes and we’ve got the makings of a tear jerking Mother’s Day gift moment! So, start searching through those albums and get ready to edit mom the perfect gift, the gift of nostalgia.

It’s Just You and Me

Let’s make our lives easier and do some trimming on our Mother’s Day gift pic.

  • Find your Crop Tool in your Tools Tab.
  • Find the right ratio for you pic and start dragging the corners to fit around your focal point.
  • Take advantage of the shadowing to preview your final image.
  • Tap the check mark to save your edit.

Framed to Perfection

What’s more nostalgic than a polaroid? We’ve created 3 gorgeous, vintage inspired Background Frames just in time for your Mother’s Day gift.

  • For our Background Frame we’ll want to select the entire image and reposition it.
  • Open the Select Area feature by tapping the white icon on the bottom left hand corner.
  • Use the center cursor to adjust the brush size to the max diameter.
  • Swipe across the entire surface of your pic.
  • Tap the check mark to save your selection.
  • Pinch and drag to position your image inside the Background Frame.
  • Once your image is perfectly inside the “polaroid” frame you can tap the check mark to save.

The Bow On Top

There’s always time for a Filter

Here you’ll find 6 gorgeous nostalgia vibe ready Filters just in time for Mother’s Day and your Mother’s Day gift.

Try them all until your find the perfect one for your Mother’s Day gift.

Once you find the right Filter  for you.. 

  • Use the center toggle to adjust the strength of the Filter. 
  • Tap the check mark to save your edit.

We’re not crying you’re crying! What a gorgeous Mother’s Day gift! Now that you’ve edit this to perfection you can bundle it up with a gorgeous caption about how much mom means to you! Don’t be stingy with these tear jerkers though…Follow your AirBrush friends at  @AirBrushOfficial on Instagram for more editing tricks, tips and for a chance to see yourself! Use the #AirBrushApp and you just might see your gorgeous edit pop up on our IG Stories. Now, get out there and celebrate mom! She deserves it.