6 Ways to ‘Gram like a Gemini

Low and behold, Gemini season is here in all it’s chaotic glory! What do we know about Geminis? We know they can be affectionate, caring, and curious. We also know they can’t make a decision for the life of them and may get themselves into some trouble with gossip… Today we’re gonna tap into tall those Gemini vibes and make your next decision a little bit easer. Here are 6 different ways to ‘gram like a Gemini.

One: Prism

When a Gemini gets goin’ it’s hard to keep your eyes straight! Get into that double take motion with the Prism Tool. Find this incredible feature in your Tools Tab and make sure to play with the adjustments to get it pitch perfect for your Gemini season post.

Two: VHS Filters

The symbol Geminis is two twins. The story of one of these twins was a demigod and when his brother passed away he asked to share his immortality so they may stay together.They were then immortalized into a constellation. This story is kinda sad but the VHS Filter Pack will cheer you right up!

Three: Monocle Filter

Being the witty sign of the bunch, Gemini’s need not much to make their statements. Using a Monocle Filter is the perfect way to subtly edit your post to refined perfection. 

Four: Drops Makeup

Curiosity got the cat a fresh new look! Being the curious sign, Gemini’s love to explore new place, new habits, & new looks. Try something different like the Drops Makeup Filter and feel like a whole new person. Or atleast your own twin…

Five: Hair Dye

What’s more double sided than a two tone dye job? Try the Unicorn Hair Dye for an adventurous ride on the pastel side. Gemini’s are known for being whimsical and losing interest fast so why not keep them interested with a delicious sherbet ombre.

Six: Background

If we’re talking about the stars why not go there! Trying our Galaxy Background is the perfect way to celebrate a new astrological season regardless of your sign. Gemini’s are the life of the party so why not get out of orbit and have a disco party? 

Now that you’ve edited the Gemini way it’s time to be just like a gemini and tell us all about your creation! Follow your friends at AirBrush for all the tips, tricks, & hacks to the perfect edit. Find us at @AirBrushOfficial and make sure to use the tag #AirBrushApp for a chance to be featured on our official IG stories. Until the next astro season, happy editing!