AirBrush Facial Features

In every photo-editing app, there is a variety of tools to edit specific areas of a picture. In AirBrush, we offer you a wide variety and not only that but also precise instruments with each tool to facilitate the photo-editing process. That’s why we present AirBrush facial features.

There are three tools that we would like to show you how to better use them and what those instruments that show up are for. One of the goals of AirBrush is to be user-friendly but at the same time, effective. 

Light It Up

One of the tools we would like to teach you about is the Relight tool. This gadget was made to help revive the face by adding more lighting to it. The name of the tool speaks for itself. Though, as simple as it sounds, there is a cool trick to it:

Orange outline

Once the tool has recognized the face, a circular lighting source will appear. To adjust the lighting to your needs, you need to hover the circle around the face until you find your desired lighting. Be aware that if you’re facing another direction, it might be harder to detect, or it will create strange lighting.


Shape It Up

Another great tool available in the AirBrush app is the Sculpt tool. This option is ideal for those of you who like to play with the shape of your face. It offers you five facial feature choices and two to five options within each feature. The tool will also prompt the orange sidelines to recognize the face and allow you to work from there. Use the sliding bar at the bottom to adjust the intensity or the position.


Color It Up

The last tool we want to show you is the Makeup tool. This tab has several options and a tool for you to create your own look under the My Look tab. As well, this feature will recognize the face by bringing out the orange lines making it easier for you and the app to make the adjustments.

There are 18 options with the eyes, lips, cheeks, and brows that are already set, or you can customize your own colors under the My Look tab by mixing those already set. You are also able to alter the color by sliding the cursor to the right or left. 

Yellow dress makeup
My Look

The Purpose 

Every tool and feature that comes along with the app aims to make your experience with AirBrush a unique and better one. The app is meant to help you design and edit your photos in your own way using the AirBrush facial features. If you have a question on how to use particular tools or what their purpose is, coming back to the BLOG is always a good idea! If we haven’t written about it, feel free to ask, and for a quick doubt, you can always click on the question mark at the bottom of the app. 

Don’t forget to tag us @airbrushoffical, we’d love to see how these tools have helped you.