Feeling all the Feels with our Fave Emojis

Know Your Emojis infographic

In case you missed the memo: we’re proper obsessed with emojis! If there’s a feeling being felt, there’s an emoji to express it. And we’ll take those cute little symbols over words any day! On this World Emoji Day, we’re celebrating our favorite language by pairing our more frequently used emojis with AirBrush features that perfectly match their mood!

? Now That’s Fire ?

We don’t have official stats, but we’re pretty sure the fire emoji has the highest rotation worldwide. Whether you’re describing your latest selfie, gassing up a friend with flames of support, or stanning your fave celeb, the fire emoji is the universally understood symbol for “this is LIT”. And when it comes to filters, there’s nothing more lit than the red hot effect of our Scarlett Filter

❤️ This is Love ❤️

If we’re talking about love, no emoji speaks the language better than the red heart. It’s the ideal symbol for those moments when your love is so strong you feel like you’re ready to burst into song. Of course, its passionate essence is perfectly reflected in the heart-filled Love Filter Pack featuring six heart-warming filters ranging from L’amour to Enamor.

? Be the Rainbow ?

If you’re like us, i.e. a lover and rainbows and bursting with pride on a daily basis, this colorful emoji is a permanent fixture in your “recently used” tab. As someone who loves showcasing your pride every chance you get, you’ll love our Pride Filter Pack, which includes seven beautiful rainbow-inspired filters to suit every mood.

? That’s a Big Grin ?

Nothing screams happiness like a big toothy grin! It’s that giddy, uncontrollable glee that completely envelops you like a nice warm hug. Squeezing you so tight, your mouth can’t help but pop open to show off your (not quite) pearly whites. Lucky for you, the Teeth Tool delivers just the touch-up you need to reflect the smiley-est of emojis with a grin that’s bright and white!

? See No Evil ?

There are some things in life we’d rather not see. In emoji land, we express that with an adorable monkey sheepishly covering his eyes. In AirBrush land, we take the Eraser tool to it and banish unwanted elements with just a few swipes! How about that?

✨ All That Sparkles

We love a little sparkle. That’s why we sprinkle these emojis throughout our conversations to add a little razzle-dazzle whenever we can. Speaking of sparkle, there’s no AirBrush feature better suited to this emoji than our versatile Glitter tool! That’s why we love using it to add a touch of glitz to just about any surface – from our hair to our clothing!

Now there are some AirBrush features that are really speaking our language – emoji language that is! Now it’s your turn. Dive into the app and create your own emoji-inspired edit with the tools that best represent your favorite icons. Use the hashtag#AirBrushApp emoji to share your creations. Then follow us on Instagram at @AirBrushOfficial to see if you end up being featured in our stories. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!