More Spooky Halloween Makeup

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the apps… We’re introducing 3 new bewitchingly gorgeous Halloween AirBrush Makeup filters just in time for your monster bash. Still don’t have your costume ready? We’ve got your back. Whether you’re trying to be a sweet trick or treater or be frighteningly fabulous, we’ve got it all. So, pick up those jack’o’lanterns, find yourself some spooky lighting and get ready to have spooktacular time!

Sweet as a pumpkin

Let’s start with something nice & easy. The Pumpkin Makeup filter is the answer to all your cutesy Halloween problems. A nice bright contour, a perfectly warm lip, and gorgeous gold macro-freckles that say Hi, it’s Halloween and I’m adorable. How do you get all this delicious October beauty? Start by tapping on your Makeup tab. There you’ll find all our beautiful makeup filters. You can find an in depth tutorial on all our makeup filters on our post How to use: Makeup. 

Once you’ve selected the Pumpkin makeup filter  you can play with the filter’s strength by dragging the toggle at the bottom of the image. Sometimes you might want a hint of a face beat and sometimes you’ll want the full monty. You can have it your way, gurl!

The thing about pumpkins in fall is that they belong on everything. That’s why we not only have a pumpkin makeup filter but we also have a Pumpkin Filter as part of our Fall filter pack. So now that you’ve got your face painted for the autumnal Goddesses and Gods you can also throw a delectable fall glow on the entire picture. What more could you ask for?!

Not so pink panther…

You may be wondering to yourself but I am so gorgeous and beautiful, how could I ever get this face to look like a monster for Halloween?? Honey, we’ve got some real Hollywood special effects makeup technology over here and it’s all at your fingertips. Now, we all know and love the sultry stylings of the Catwoman but what if she kicked it up a notch in the scary department. Introducing the Panther Makeup filter. Piercing amber eyes, sharp whiskers, & a fangy grin only a mother could love. Let’s get into it. 

Start by loading up your chosen image, ready for transformation. Then go right to the Makeup tab.

There you’ll find the Panther makeup filter ready to star in your next nightmare. While the Panther makeup filter is completely adjustable, you may want to stick to the strength to get that grin nice and sharp.

Now editing a picture without a filter is like wearing cat ears with sweatpants. Always finish a perfect edit with the perfect filter. What does a cat do? Scratch. SPL-4 is part of the Splendor filter pack. It has the perfect diagonal lens flares that make it look like this feline is ready to shred. And that’s the end of PSYCH!!!!

We’re hittin’ you with that double filter edit today! Why? Because no one ever said life is better with less! As our unofficial but slightly official filter of the season we think a dash of red is exactly what this wild edit needs. Find the Scarlett filter pack in your filter market and watch splash your pic with a severe red lens flare. These filters practically write the scary story for you.  Don’t forget to adjust that filter to your desired strength. 

Terrifically terrifying!

We gon’ slay

Last but not least is the ghoulishly glam Slay Makeup filter. This makeup filter gives us a juicy burgundy lip with just a dab of fresh blood. You know the drill, get that filter right where you need it and get to steppin’

For this dark temptress look we want to make sure we tell the full story with a look. That’s why we’re taking ourselves to the Airbrush salon and giving out ‘do a Halloween touch up.

Using the Hair Dye tool you can change the color of your hair to almost any shade. Here we’ll be using Raven to get us perfectly edited for our costume. Want to find out more on the Hair Dye tool? Visit our post How to use: Hair Dye.

You know what happens next! A trip to filter-town! What better way to dress up our Slayful picture than with the unofficial filter pack of the season, Scarlett

Who’s in the mood for some extra credit? Nothing says spooky season like vintage horror films. We can channel that same graininess with the Grain tool. Find it on your Enhance tab and use the toggle to adjust the strength. Once you feel like you got all your VHS thriller texture you can tap the blue check mark to save your edits. 

DUN DUN DUUUUUUN The mystery of the Halloween makeup filters has been solved and now you know how to be the head witch supreme this Halloween.  We can’t wait to see what you brew up next!  Make sure to upload your sickening Halloween photos and tag #AirBrushApp on Instagram to be featured on our profile, @AirBrushOfficial.