How to Create the Perfect Halloween Selfie: 15 Tips to Inspire

It’s that time of year when the costumes come out and Halloween-lovers go hard to look their very best. Whether you’re on Team Creepy or Team Cute, you do the most to level up and immortalize the occasion. That means photos – particularly selfies – that do justice to your entire look. So, as we ease into everyone’s favorite eerie season, AirBrush, the easy photo editor, is sharing these 15 tips to help you step up your Halloween selfie game.

First…set up your shot

man with an afro and white pupils wearing a clown costume

Take your pics Early

Brides do it. Grooms do it. Even kids at birthday parties do it. Join them won’t you? Capture your selfies as early in the night (or day) as possible. Before things get wild and your look starts to wilt. With your costume still crisp, your makeup still fresh, and your energy levels turnt all the way up, you’ll be in peak Halloween selfie mode.

Let the Mood Match your Costume

Even selfies require some level of consideration and composition. Halloween selfies more so than any other kind. Going as a witch this Halloween? Then maybe you don’t snap your pics in front of a bubble gum pink wall. If the character you’re portraying is supposed to be dark and dangerous, then snap your photos in an environment that reflects their mood.

Commit to the Role

Now it’s time to separate those who understood the assignment from those who didn’t. If you want to win hard in your Halloween selfies, you can’t just wear the costume. You need to become the character. Yes, you’re holding your phone. Yes, you’re finding your angles. But you should also ensure that your character’s key traits are oozing out of your photo – be that a sinister laugh or an intimidating gaze.

Tilt the Frame

Staying on the straight and narrow is all good and well. Except for Halloween. Just a slight tilt of your frame is enough to throw an otherwise harmless photo out of whack and create all sorts of mystery and terror. So have a crack at it, and snap a pic with your camera slightly askew.

Work those Props

Halloween selfie tips: use props

Not everyone’s an actor and that’s OK. If you’re not the best at channeling your inner (insert name of character here), we have the perfect solution: Props! Whether you’re holding on to them, or surrounded by them, be sure to include elements related to your costume in your Halloween selfie.

Look up

Yes, you’re going for a sinister look this Halloween but you still need to work your best angles. And when it comes to selfies, that’s usually captured from above. So, chin up and turn your face slightly to the side to get it just right. 

Look down

For most people, the default selfie angle is “up”. Understandable. But this season is about the unexpected…the conventional…the unsettling. So mix things up for your Halloween selfie, and shoot from below to give the eerie impression you’re looming over your viewers. 

Embrace the Shadows 

If it’s one time of the year when shadows are our friends, it’s spooky season. No need to step into the light, because the darkness is where it’s at if you want to create Halloween selfies that truly reflect the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve.

Step into the (Bright) Light

Believe it or not, sometimes bright light can be scary too. If you really want to creep out your followers, turn on a harsh light in an otherwise dark room and illuminate only your face, making the space around you nothing but inky, eerie blackness. 

Now, time to Edit with AirBrush

Blur it Out

Halloween selfie featuring ghost holding a pumpkin

Sometimes all your photo needs is a little distortion to take it from basic terrifying. Once you’ve followed all the steps for snapping the perfect Halloween selfie, head over to AirBrush, the easy photo editor, and add some intrigue to your photo by using our Prism tool to create blurry movement in the background.

Use a Halloween Makeup Filter

woman staring through a broken window wearing vampire makeup

Don’t have a professional makeup artist on speed dial? No problem. You get the costume. We’ll handle the Makeup with our selection of epic looks to cater to members of both #TeamCreepy #TeamCute. From Witches and Vampires to Mermaids and Cats, we’ve got something for everyone to nail their Halloween selfies!

Say it with your Eyes

Halloween selfie tip: change your eye color using AirBrush

When it comes to Halloween, getting into character goes beyond the costumes and the makeup. To achieve peak Halloween selfie status, you need to channel your character with your eyes. Luckily, our Build Looks makeup feature includes some chilling Eye Color options in Glacier and Blood that are sure to scare!

Change your Background

woman with a serious stare looking directly at the camera

They say “pics or it didn’t happen”. But, with the creepilicious new backgrounds we have available you’ll make everyone believe in things that actually didn’t occur. So, if your current surroundings aren’t doing it for you, don’t worry about it. Follow all the tips we’ve dished out for shooting your Halloween selfie, then open your photo in AirBrush and select the ideal eerie Background to really set the mood. 

Go all out with your Hair

Halloween selfie tip: woman dressed as red riding hood with red hair

It’s amazing how a change in hair color can alter the entire mood of a photo. Go to our virtual hair salon and find the Hair Dye color that adds just the right amount of danger and drama to your Halloween selfie.

Top it off with a Creepy Filter

Pennywise the clown holding red balloons

Not everything requires an intense production with lights, makeup, and a whole location change. Sometimes…when your costume is ghastly enough, all you need to polish off your Halloween selfie is the perfect filter to make things look extra sinister.

Now you’re ready to really creep out everyone’s feed! Share your fiercest and most fearsome Halloween selfies using #AirBrushApp and watch the likes, saves, and shares roll in! If you want to stay on top of your game all season long, follow AirBrush, the easy photo editor, on Instagram @AirBrushOfficial for more tips and tricks!