How to Edit the Perfect Group Photo for Girlfriends Day

It’s Girlfriends Day and we are so (clap) here (clap) for (clap) it (clap)! Truth be told, we don’t need an excuse to celebrate our soul sisters, but it’s sure nice to have one, right? Today, there’ll be brunches, lunches, and bunches of fun times! Memories will be made and immortalized in the cutest of photos. All that will be left for you to do is pay tribute to your girlfriends with an Insta-worthy photo edit. Here’s how you can create a final product every single member of your crew will love!

Let Your Love Shine Bright with Relight

Whether you’re celebrating Girlfriends Day indoors or outdoors, you’ll want to ensure you and your girls catch that light from every angle. The Relight tool allows you to highlight every face in your photo so everyone in your crew gets the glow they deserve.

  • Tap on Relight in the Tools tab
  • Select Custom
  • Tap on the face you want to Relight 
  • Move the cursor to adjust the lighting
  • Tap the checkmark to save your edit
  • Repeat the process with each face that needs to be relit

Hit ‘Em up with Flawless Makeup 

A little makeup never hurt nobody. Especially when it’s a look that reflects the wearer’s personality. This is why we highly recommend scouring our extensive collection of Makeup Filters to find just the right looks for each of your fabulous friends!

  • Go to the Makeup tab
  • Select the first face you want to apply Makeup to
  • Review the options in the Popular, Day, Night, and Vibrant tabs and tap the ideal look to make a selection
  • Tap the checkmark to save your edit
  • Repeat the process with each face in the photo until everyone has the perfect look to match their unique vibe.

Allow Everyone to Stand out with Bokeh

It’s always been you and your girls against the world. So this Girlfriends Day we’re focusing all the attention squarely on your squad. Use Bokeh to eliminate distractions from busy backgrounds so you and your crew stand out, front and center.

  • Go to the Bokeh Tool in the toolbar
  • Bokeh will automatically detect the areas to keep focused
  • To ensure all of your friends are in full focus, use the eraser to manually select any blurred areas you’d like to keep in-focus
  • Adjust the degree of the Bokeh effect by using the center toggle

Finish off with a Sweet Filter

Question: If your favorite Girlfriends Day photo doesn’t have a fresh filter, did you even edit it? Answer: No. That’s why you’re going to venture into the Filter Library and select one that reflects the sweet yet strong bond you have with your girls.

  • Go to Filters and tap on Sweet 
  • Scroll through the Sweet collection and select Bloom  
  • You can adjust the impact of the Filter by sliding the center toggle from right to left
  • Tap the checkmark to save your edit

If this isn’t a frame-worthy Girlfriends Day photo edit, we don’t know what is! Now it’s your turn to share so your girls know you care. Use the hashtag #AirBrushApp when you’re posting and your pic could end up in our stories! Follow us on IG @AirBrushOfficial to find out! And stay tuned to our blog for more useful tips, tricks, and hacks to get the most out of AirBrush