Ice ice baby, the perfect filters for your winter pic

Winter is coming and so are winter pics! Snow covered hills, frost on the leaves, tiny crystal snowflakes floating from the sky. It’s all about those cool temps and cool winter pics. But what if we can’t capture the magic of winter? Have no fear! Here at AirBrush we pride ourselves on having the right Filter for the right vibe always and the chilly, icy landscape of winter is no exception. That’s why today we’ll be showing you all the edit hacks you need to get the most out of the gorgeous Freeze Filter Pack. This way we’ll make sure you get the chillest winter pics this year. Now hop on that snowboard and strap on your boots, we’ve got some winter pics to edit!

Chill Out

Be cool, don’t be all… uncool. Let’s get the basics out of the way. First and foremost let’s get our Filters all warmed up and ready to party. When  you open your AirBrush app you’ll be given the choice to upload an image or take a new picture. At this point follow your heart and do what your  innermost photographer desires. Once you’ve selected or taken an image you’ll be taken to the Main Tool Bar.  On the bottom right hand side you’ll see the Filter Icon. When you tap the Filter Icon you’ll be taken to the Filter Catalogue which houses all the filter’s you’ve downloaded. 

To download Filter Packs you can scroll all the way to the right and find Get More icon. There you’ll find all the AirBrush filters available for free and with your Premium subscription. You can even see which Filter Packs you’ve already downloaded and which you have yet to try. In the free section you’ll find the Freeze Filter Pack. 


The Freeze Filter Pack serves as the perfect cool down to any hot photo sesh. The right amount of contrast and a slight drop in temperature can serve for a gorgeous winter pic. The Freeze Filter Pack includes 3 chilling filters. F2-1, F2-2, & F2-3 are all the perfect winter vibe in their own way. For this winter pic we feel that F2-2 captures the gold leaves and winter sun in the most perfect way. Once you select a Filter it’s important to adjust the strength by dragging the center toggle from right to left. Right being the strongest and left being the weakest. If you get lost in the process (listen, it happens) you can always tap the orange Before Icon on the bottom right to see where you started out. 

The icicles

Now that we’ve touched our winter pic up why not give yourself a lil love too. Those dry, winter winds can really wreak some havoc on our precious skin. Let the Beauty Magic Tool fix you right up. The beauty of the Beauty Magic Tool is that it takes care of all our woes automatically with incredible science. Technology has done two things. Taken us to the moon and the Beauty Magic Tool. Feeling like you don’t need so much  help (must be nice) no prob! Just adjust the strength of Tool to fit your needs. Sometimes just a smidge goes a long way.

And VOILA! We now have a winter masterpiece. Remember in the movie Fantasia when the pretty lil snowflake ballerinas danced around to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons? This is the equivalent of that but in picture form and you’re the  pretty little snowflake ballerina. Did you love this winter photo hack? Do you want more photo hacks?

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