Quiz: Which Spring Hair Color reflects your vibe for the season?

Things are heating up outside but we’re still celebrating the seasonal turn into Spring. A makeover is one of the easiest ways to feel brand new and hair color is relatively easy to implement. To that end, AirBrush has a quiz to determine the Spring hair color that best reflects your vibe for the season. Our quiz will match you with your current attitude and dish up the hair color that goes with it.



Spring hair - champagne

You’re in the phase of life where you have discovered yourself and you’re excited to search the depths of your character. It happens for many of us and at different ages brackets as well. What remains the same is the anticipation you feel as you continue to ask yourself questions that reveal your true self. The Champagne dye represents that bright light of discovery and golden opportunities that lie ahead for you.


Spring hair - Conquerous

You’re at an advanced stage of self-awareness and feel confident in all of the discoveries you have made so far. Because you move through your days self secured, you are ready to tackle the big goals in your life. Things that you have procrastinated on or been afraid to try, don’t seem quite as intimidating as they did. You know that singular successes or failures don’t reflect on your worthiness as a person. The Pony Spring Hair color represents this bold new direction and push towards action.


Spring hair - Gratitude

As with most of us, you’ve had your share of ups and downs, but they’ve led you to a place of gratitude. You’ve learned that perspective is everything and you can actively choose to exercise that perspective to self-regulate. Minor inconveniences no longer throw you off-kilter for days, instead, you give thanks for the comforts you do have. The Galactic Hair Dye makes a fantastic Spring Hair color for this as its blue color reflects the calm and peace this attitude brings.


Spring hair - Adaptable

Taking action has never been your problem. You do, however, have a history of perfectionism and though it has bagged you notable accomplishments, it has taken its toll as well. You are now ready to let go of the perfectionist’s attitude in favor of a flexible modus operandi. Nothing is more adaptable and versatile than the Raven Hair Dye for your Spring hair color. 

We reckon we’ve nailed these attitudes and we recommend you give your favorite color a tryout. With AirBrush, the easy photo editor, you can give these spring hair colors a try before making a commitment. Even try any of our other colors to see if you like them more. Once you do post your photos and new look, tag your pics with #AirBrushApp so we can find them. Then follow us @AirBrushOfficial for our latest tips, tricks and hacks!