She-E-O is the New CEO

Who run the world, hunaayyyyy? That’s right. Women. While we work to even out the playing field, it’s no question that the She-E-O is the new CEO. The twist? We love to see it. While becoming a business shark takes brains and wit, it doesn’t hurt to keep that image on lock. Today we’ll be making sure you’re ready for the boardroom, the Rihanna way. We’ll give you the right tips for the perfect lady boss edit. Grab your palm pilot, it’s time to make some deals.

The She-E-O Basics

You stayed up all night working on your presentation, there was no time to get to the cleaners and you know dumb Jerry’s going to say something about how you look (we hate Jerry too). Have no fear, we’re here to bring the C.E.O. look to you.

  • Consider the Beauty Magic Tool your photo editing IV bag.
  • Tap the icon and instantly watch it take care of all the imperfections.
  • You can use the center toggle to adjust how heavy the edit is.
  • You can individually adjust each feature by tapping the icons.

Laundry Service

So you picked up this blouse off the floor and headed out the door, so what? CEO’s are busy people.  

  • Adjust the Brush Size to fit your needs.
  • Start swiping across the surface of your blouse and watch it Smooth out all the wrinkles.
  • Make sure to avoid detailed components like the buttons and embroideries.
  • Tap the check mark to save your edits.

Just because you ironed a dirty shirt doesn’t stop it from being dirty. Or does it… A CEO is all about working smarter not harder.

  • Use the toggle on the right side to adjust the strength of the tool.
  • Tap the check mark to save your edits.

Beauty Mogul/CEO

While no one has to do anything that isn’t genuine to them, some of CEO’s enjoy presenting something fierce.

  • Go to your Makeup Tab and find the new CEO Makeup Filter.
  • This Makeup Filter is here in honor of Women’s History Month and it sure does say I am woman, hear me ROAR.
  • Use the center toggle to adjust the weight of the Makeup Filter.
  • Tap the check mark to save your edits.

Cover Letter

No edit is complete without the perfect CEO Filter.

  • While a CEO is boring #AF a She-E-O needs to be sharp but also needs to bring a little drama.
  • Find the Analog Filter Pack in your Filter Library.
  • Sort through the 6 different Filters all with their own unique vibe.
  • Adjust the strength of the Filter by sliding the center toggle.
  • Tap the check mark to save your edit.

Who is she?? Give her a promotion! A parking spot! Give her employee of the ye-Oh wait she’s the boss! That’s right you just went from intern to CEO in a matter of taps and swipes. Don’t forget the little guys when you are up there shattering glass ceilings. Tag your friends at AirBrush by using the hashtag #AirBrushApp and you might just get featured on our IG page @AirBrushOfficial. Now get back in there and make some deals, you’re the boss now.