6 Tips for Creative Self Portrait Photography

If you’re bored of the same ole selfie and want to get a bit more creative with your self-expression, it may be time to graduate to the self-portrait. Self-portrait photography differs from the selfie primarily in that you, the subject, are not holding the camera. Therefore, you have the option to get both hands in the frame or your entire body if you wanted. AirBrush has the self-portrait starter kit so that you’ve got somewhere to begin. The pointers below can make beginner pics pop and leaves lots of room for experimentation and your own photography style. We’ve listed some of our more popular Filters so that you see how AirBrush can elevate your self-portraits.

#1 Get a Remote

woman in front of ring light

As we mentioned earlier, self-portrait photography is differentiated by the fact that you’re not holding the camera. A remote is the most effective way to make that shift from a selfie and a self-portrait. While the remote remains discreetly tucked in one hand, it gives you flexibility with your poses and ensures that you can get both hands in the frame.

#2 Use Props

Self Portrait Photography - props

You can create some immediate interest in your self-portraits with props. You can make it a themed shoot or try a random selection to see what works best. And we do mean random – household items like cushions, towels, pens or fruit from the kitchen counter can become props. The OM-2 Filter adds depth.

#3 Direct Eye Contact is Optional

Self Portrait Photography - filters

Though you may have to fight the instinct, try to avoid eye contact with the lens. If you avert your focus to other points in the room, you can create some curiosity about what is not shown in the frame. Alternatively, the viewer may want to know what’s going on in your head. Our Taurus Filter makes sure to keep things warm-toned.

#4 Check Yourself Out

Self Portrait Photography - filters

Bring in a mirror to play around with angles and reflection. Any size will do. A small one to catch just the face or a full length one to get a body shot. The self-portrait can also be just the reflection. This is a great experimental medium as you’re playing off the mirror you’re using and the mirror/sensor in the camera. The Iceland Filter pulls the blues in your portraits and brings a cool tone.

#5 Get Moving

Self Portrait Photography - filters

Another tip that’ll feel unnatural. We’ve all been trained to be still for photos but try playing around with movement. If you’re worried about the all dreaded blur, don’t be. This can create interest in your self-portrait. Captured movement can also evoke strong emotion depending on context. the NYC Filter adds a faded, retro look that is very nostalgic.

#6 DIY Background

woman wearing sunglasses

A self-portrait background can be anything. The sky, a bedsheet with a busy pattern or with no pattern or a neighbourhood mural. Do you like the texture of the brick walls of some boring government building? That works too. If you look around with an open mind, you can easily find inspiration all around you. Try the FJ-2 Filter for a subtle bump of saturation.

Self-portrait photography is not the easiest genre to master as it requires large amounts of emotion to be captured for the viewer to be impacted. Try out our tips above and then maximize your self-portraits by editing them with AirBrush, the easy photo editor. Once you’ve posted, tag them with #AirBrushApp so everyone can find them. Then follow us on Instagram @AirBrushOfficial for our latest tips and tricks.

Self-Portrait Photography Infographic