Spring Into a New Look with New Makeup Filters

Is there truly anything as exciting as the beginning of spring? Winter? Gross. Fall? Watevs. Summer? Duh. All the seasons bring something to the table but at the end of the day the one who changed the game, the one who brings it to you every ball is spring. Flowers bloom, the sun stays out and chills a bit longer, and the looks get a refresh. We wouldn’t want to leave you high & dry without a whole new set of springtime fresh Makeup Filters to give your whole #aesthetic a rebrand. How could this get any easier? We know… We made a quick quiz that will match you up with your new look faster than the flap of a butterfly’s wing. Ready? Let’s go!

The Results


Lilac is a light purple flower that blooms for a very short amount of time in spring. It is the sweetest smelling bloom and matches perfectly with this sweet spring Makeup Filter. The metallic lavender & gold eye shadow is the perfect look to start the spring season with. Combine with a metallic lip and take this look from day to night then day again. 


An avant garde take on the blooming of spring flowers across the world. When choosing a new spring Makeup Filter you can create looks you’ve only dreamed of. So, why not make a statement! Try the bloom eyeshadow in combination with a metallic look for a whole new look altogether.


Just like the french chic jewels it’s named after, this spring Makeup Filter is a hidden gem. The glossy, hot pink lip and touch of blush is the perfect pretty girl move. Add the Bijoux lip to any of our spring Makeup Filters and create a custom look all for you.


Have you ever had someone read your Aura? I bet it’s as heavenly as this spring Makeup Filter. The golden glow in muted metallics is a sophisticated look that fits everyone. Try it with your newest boho sundress or for a date night selfie. The Aura Makeup Filter is pure perfection. 

How much do you love our new spring Makeup Filters??? We’re obsessed with them and obsessed with you. So much so that we can’t wait to see all the ways you sport these new looks. Share with AirBrush by using the tag #AirBrushApp and you might just get featured on our @AirBrushOfficial IG page. Now get out there & live a little!