The Luv Challenge

Tis’ the season of Luuuuv y’all! Whether it’s your lover or your bestie best friend, February is the time to break out your pink highlighter and start drawing hearts around the people you love most. That’s why we came up with an extra special way to celebrate the month of love… The Luv Challenge! For the next 5 days we want to see all your best lovey pics and we want you to decorate them to your heart’s content with a sweet collection of Features, Filters, & more! 

The Rules

Starting on February 8, 2021, you can start editing pictures of you and your significant other, you and a friend or friends, or even you furry pet buddies with our seasonal Valentines Features & Filters. Once you’re done editing, post your loveable pic and tag @AirBrushOfficial as well as all the lovely people featured in your pic. The more you tag the higher the chances of winning *drum roll please* 20% off a premium subscription. That’s right, that’s a good discount. But how do we edit our pics? Don’t worry, we’ve got an extra special tutorial just for you. Let’s go!

Sweetie Pie

For one, you’ll need a good pic of you and a significant other or friend(s). 

  • Let’s start off with some Valentines Makeup!
  • Go to your Makeup Tab.
  • You’ll notice that the Tool will automatically detect your faces.
  • Start by selecting yours.
  • When you open the Makeup Tab you’ll  see 4 gorgeous new Makeup Filters ready to get in the Luv Challenge vibe.
  • Candy, Crush, Rose, & Bare are all limited edition Makeup Filters and only here for the season.
  • Today let’s start with the Rose Makeup Filter.
  • Once you apply the Filter  you can use the center toggle to adjust the strength.
  • When you’re happy with your glow up you can tap the check mark on the bottom right to save your progress.

Time to spread the luv! (challenge)

  • After you’ve saved your progress tap the Makeup Tab again and this time select your friend’s face.
  • This time try to mix it up and try the Candy Makeup Filter.
  • Repeat the steps from before then tap that check mark to save all you progress.

Take Me Away

Who wouldn’t want to take their lover on a romantic rendezvous? The Luv Challenge is the perfect way to sweep your loved one off their feet with a virtual get away.

When you open your Background Tool you’ll find a collection of seasonal, preset Backgrounds all perfect for the Luv Challenge.

  • The Background Tool will automatically detect the focus matter in the image and apply the Background of your choice. 
  • You can tap through each Background as you figure out where you want to take your lovey.

Luckily the Background Tool allows for all sorts of adjustments.

  • Start off by pinching and dragging you and your lovey to the most ideal spot in the image.
  • You can even resize by pinching the focal points.

Sometimes you might end up with too much off a “glow” or the colors might be off.

  • Tap the white icon on the bottom right hand side to open the Adjust Panel.
  • Here, you’ll be able to make all the adjustments you need to perfect your Luv Challenge pic.
  • Blend will make your focal points a sync with the colorways of the Background.
  • Edge will help you shave off some of that residue from the previous Background.
  • If you’re seeing some areas that you didn’t want to transfer over you can manually Select Area by tapping the white icon on the bottom left.
  • Adjust the brush width by using the center toggle.
  • Tap the Eraser Icon to begin removing unwanted areas.
  • Tap the check mark on the bottom right to save your progress.

Frosting on Top

Lastly, we wouldn’t leave you hanging without a perfect set of brand new Filters for your Luv Challenge pic!

  • Find the perfect Filter that speaks to you and your lovey.
  • Use the center toggle to adjust the strength of the Filter.
  • Tap the check mark on the bottom right to save your edits.

There you have it! You’ve created a strong contender for the winner of the AirBrush Luv Challenge! Remember, winners will be announced on February 13, 2021. Enter by tagging @AirBrushOfficial and all the loveys in your picture. We will be publishing the names of the winners in an extra special blog post. Happy Editing!