Tips and Tricks on Enhancing your Pictures

Editing apps are a great way to help improve your pictures, and Airbrush has an Enhance tool that could help you do it right. It has a variety of 10 different options to intensify and adjust any details you want.

Under the Tools tab, choose the Enhance option to explore all the possibilities for a perfect picture!


 This is a tool to separate the dark and bright areas of a picture. Think of an increase in contrast as a vibrant image and if you decrease you will get a dull picture. A tip could be that if you feel your image could use more color, you add more contrast. Here is an example:

Enhancing your Pictures 01
Enhancing your Pictures 02


This tool can help you emphasize texture and draw focus to the edges of an image by intensifying its brightness. In simple words, if you want to increase the details in the lines of any picture, sharpen on Airbrush will do the job.


Very similar to contrast, the difference is this tool will help you increase the separation between colors instead of bright and dark. You can see a better difference in a change of saturation when using images with vibrant colors, for instance on the images below:

Red wall low saturation
Red wall High Saturation


It is exactly as the meaning of the word if you want to focus on the colors or the objects on a picture, increase the highlight effect. If you rather darken the image, you just need to move the tool to the left.


Sometimes it is hard to avoid taking a picture without shadows, having an option to reduce the effects of it is always helpful. Airbrush has a great tool for it.

red wall,no highlights
red wall high highlights

Though, sometimes you actually want to add some shadowing effects, in this case just decrease the number on the toolbar.


This is a tricky effect, some people may think it literally brightens the picture or makes it darker. Yet, you need to learn how to play with it so you do not reduce saturation, contrast or sharpness. Think of a little can go a long way!


Easy tip, if you reduce temperature you get bluer (cold) colors, if you increase it, you will see yellow (warm) tones. Get creative on how this tool can help you create more visually emotional pictures.


Another very literal meaning to the tool, the more you enhance the fading effect, the less clear the details of a picture will be. It is not a blurring type of effect, it is simply a reduction of brightness to an image. If you want to create a feeling of vintage, this could be your option!


Have you seen those old family pictures where the image looks like if it has small blemishes? Grain creates an effect just like it. It gives it an older and more sophisticated feeling to it.

Enhancing your Pictures 03


Perfect tool to create a distorted and kaleidoscopic effect. If you would like to edit a picture to make it more visually experimental, increase the amount of Prism and play with it until you find the perfect result.

Enhancing your Pictures 04

All these enhancement tools on Airbrush are excellent for perfecting any picture before you share it on social media. What makes it better is when you mix several of the effects to make it more unique. Imagination is key!

Enhancing your Pictures 05
Enhancing your Pictures 06

Start creating!