Which Element are you?

We’ve got a question for you. And we’ve also got a quiz to help you answer it! So here goes: Where are you most in your element? Is the hustle and bustle of big-city life your comfort zone? Are you most inclined to feel at home enveloped in peace and quiet? Or is your sweet spot somewhere in between? Our Elements quiz is here to help you figure things out!

The Results


Photo of blonde woman with Metro filter creating a layer of city skyline

Metro is all you! You live life in the fast lane and can’t imagine ever slowing down! The only jungle you’re cool with is covered in concrete and your idea of relaxing is sipping drinks on a rooftop bar overlooking a gorgeous city skyline.


Element edit of blonde woman wearing red top and lipstick

Galaxy is the filter for you! You’re a passionate dreamer who doesn’t feel compelled to always have your two feet planted firmly on the ground. With you, nothing is ever set in stone and you’re always up for an adventure – even if it takes you to a galaxy far, far away!


Redwood filter edit of woman wearing green head wrap and dress

Redwood is the perfect Element filter for you! You’re a free spirit who marches to the beat of mother nature’s drum. You believe that everything happens in its own time and have no desire to tamper with the universe’s timeline.


Timber filter edit of woman holding ice cream cone

The Timber filter was made with you in mind. Humble, stable, and practical in your approach to life, you like to know what’s coming next and prefer to avoid surprises. Not one for the glitz and glam, you’re most in your element when surrounded by things that are familiar to you.


Element edit using Mirage filter of woman smiling up at the sky

The Mirage filter is all you! Light-hearted, fun-loving, and always up for a good time, you think every moment of life is meant to be savored at a leisurely pace. You’d much rather spend your days languishing in the beauty of each moment and you’re most content when surrounded by the peaceful ambient sounds of nature.

Now that you’re in your Element, it’s time to create the perfect edit. Find a photo that truly reflects your personality and polish it off with your Element filter. Share your masterpiece with us using #AirBrushApp and follow AirBrush at @AirBrushOfficial to see if your edit gets featured in our stories!