5 Ways to Make Everyone the Main Character in a Group Photo

Fact: We’ll take a fun group photo over a solo selfie any day! And why not? A perfectly timed photo with some of your favorite people freezes a special moment in time and can make you feel all the feels! But…this is a classic cake of wanting to have our cake, and eat it too. Because even in a group shot, everyone still wants to stand out in their special way! With that in mind, we’re here to show you how to create an edit where everyone gets to be the main character in a shared visual story.

1. Allow Everyone to Stand in their Own Light

In a perfect world, the light hits everyone just right in a group photo. Alternatively, in the real world, light isn’t evenly distributed and there’s always going to be a few folks who are left (a little) in the dark. That’s nothing to worry about though because we’ve got the perfect tool to make sure everyone in your photo is standing in their very own spotlight!

  • Go to the Tools tab and tap on Relight
  • Select the Relight effect you want
  • The Relight Tool will automatically select and illuminate all the faces in the photo. You’re welcome!
  • If any of the faces need a little extra light, go to Custom
  • Tap on the face you want to shine some extra light on 
  • Move the cursor to adjust the lighting
  • Tap the checkmark to save your edit

2. A Makeup Filter for Every Personality

Even in a crew as tight as yours, everyone has a distinct sense of style. Makeup is a great way to distinguish the personalities of each subject in a group photo and AirBrush has scores of different makeup looks to choose from!

  • Go to the Makeup tab
  • Select the first face you want to apply Makeup to
  • Review the options in the Popular, Day, Night, and Vibrant tabs and tap the ideal look to make a selection
  • Tap the checkmark to save your edit
  • Repeat the process with each face in the photo until everyone has the perfect look to match their unique vibe.

3. Give everyone a Touch-up

Rule #1 of posting a group photo: Everyone in the photo should be happy with the way they look. We know all of your friends are beautiful, but that doesn’t stop anyone (ourselves included) from wanting to make minor tweaks before sharing our images with the world. Naturally, you’ve got their back. So head on over to the ultra-handy Retouch Tool to present your peeps at their best.

To reduce any bags and dark circles:

  • Go to Retouch and select the Concealer tool
  • Adjust your brush size and zoom in for a more precise application
  • Apply the Concealer below the eyes to lighten dark circles
  • Tap the checkmark to save your edit

To produce an even tan:

  • Still in the Retouch, tap on the Skin Tone feature and select the hue that works best with your friend’s complexion 
  • Zoom in to your photo and adjust the Brush size if necessary 
  • Move the Brush over the lighten areas of your skin to create an even, golden glow
  • Remember to tap the checkmark to save your edit

4. Get in a Little Closer

A tighter frame makes it easier to focus on the important subjects in your photo i.e. you and your crew. Eliminate excess space that doesn’t add to the story of your photo using the Crop tool.

  • Go to Tools and select Crop 
  • Choose your preferred dimensions or opt to customize the size of your photo 
  • Drag a corner to adjust the size of the frame 
  • Tap the checkmark to save your edit

5. Always Show the Love

With everyone’s distinct personalities shining through, you need a filter that reflects your collective bond, while still allowing each of you to shine. The L’amour filter serves up a soft light with a bright sprinkling of hearts to capture the mood of the moment in your group photo.

  • Go to Filters and tap on Atmosphere 
  • Scroll through the collection to get to L’amour and tap on it to select  
  • You can adjust the impact of the Filter by sliding the center toggle from right to left
  • Tap the checkmark to save your edit

Awww…isn’t that just the cutest group photo you’ve ever seen? Now that we’ve shown you the way, it’s time for you to create an adorable edit that everyone in your circle will approve of and appreciate! Remember to use #AirBrushApp when sharing your pics and follow AirBrush on @AirBrushOfficial to learn more tips, tricks, and hacks!