Key Cancer Personality Traits You Should Know

It’s early summer which means the Cancer babies are celebrating! Naturally, AirBrush is here to help them mark their birthdays in fine style with fierce edits that reflect their truest selves. So, whether you know a Cancer or are one yourself, this is your opportunity to learn all about those notorious Cancer traits.

Before we get started though, here’s a little trivia for you: The symbolic Cancer crab was immortalized into a constellation by the Greek goddess Hera, as a reward for attacking Hercules as he fought the Hydra.

Cancer Call Out!


cancer personality - relight

Some will say that the Cancer personality is overly sensitive but those who get it, get it. That sensitivity can be overwhelming, externally and internally but it allows the Cancer to be empathetic and compassionate and tend to act as mediators. The Relight tool, specifically Backlight, provides a visual representation of that aura of sensitivity. You just need to pick a color!


cancer personality - introverted

Being so sensitive, Cancers have to deal with processing a lot of input and stimuli. This means a majority of Cancerians are Introverted. This Cancer personality trait just means they need time alone to decompress, process their thoughts and feelings, and recharge. The Prism tool creates a vortex and refracted effect, calling to mind the inward spiral this zodiac sign regularly rides.


cancer personality - vignette

As with all humans, Cancers have their moods. But they have gained a reputation for being moody and having mood swings. Being deep in your feelings and extending empathy to others can leave Cancers exhausted and yes, moody. But don’t try to guilt-trip them out of it. Instead, make offerings of their favorite creature comforts. You can reflect that dark moodiness with the Vignette tool. 


mother with child

The Cancer personality is endowed with a maternal aspect. This is not surprising when you consider their empathetic nature. When sensing another’s discomfort or distress, the Cancer tends to want to step in and alleviate that negativity. The Cancer Filter does the same by literally reducing the blue in your photos. You can customize to your preference of course, but in the end, you’re left with warm tones.

A Homebody

woman in her bedroom

Finally, a hallmark of the Cancer personality is their preference for familiarity and security, which translates into them being a huge homebody. A Cancer’s home is their haven and they’ll only be happy switching it out for surroundings that are even more elevated, curated and comfortable. With the Backgorund tool a Cancer can be anywhere they want and we love that for them!

We understand that Cancers may have a bad rap and are considered cry babies but remember that the sensitivity is innate and a manifestation of one of their endearing qualities. AirBrush, the easy photo editor, helps you capture that Cancer spirit. When you’re ready to share your pics online, tag them with #AirBrushApp so everyone can find them. Then, follow us @AirBrushOfficial on Instagram for our latest tips, tricks and hacks!