What about the Blur tool?

The word blur can automatically give an idea that a picture will not be worth the use. Nowadays, we see different trends that some years ago were not good enough.

Finding the tool

Under the Tools tab of your Airbrush app, you can find a special effect called Blur. Think of this effect as a way to enhance an object or person in your picture. It draws the viewer’s complete attention into one single area. In other words, distort the rest to focus on the most important part. 

Party Blurr

How to Use Blur

  • Begin by choosing an image that has the clarity to the object or person that you want to point out. It doesn’t matter where the focus point is located on the image. Just make sure once you blur out the surrounding areas of it, the most important part is not lost.
  • If you’re not sure how to start editing with the Blur tool, choose the Auto option and check the result. This setting on Airbrush is smart enough to detect a person or object and make it the focus point by blurring out the rest of the image.  
  • If you rather have control of what areas of the picture need to be blurred out, the recommendation would first be to click on Size and choose the dimension of the blurring tool.  Sometimes you’ll need a bigger circle to finish faster or a smaller circle to get harder edges.
Hall Blurr
Hall Blur Size
  • Feel like your finger might have blurred out an area you didn’t intend to go over? Airbrush has thought of all these possibilities and made it easier for you to edit, so,  just use the Eraser option and you are good to go! 
Blur tool
Blur Eraser

Combining Blur

Just like any other editing tool on the Airbrush app, you must use your imagination to help create the best picture out there. Blurring an image is a technique that uses some precision and a steady hand. Use this tool as an advantage to intensify a picture. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Do not forget that there are endless options for you to edit your picture with Airbrush. Once you have used the Blur tool and are satisfied with the results, tap on any of the other editing tools and make your photo stand out even more. Mix and match to create a unique picture worth sharing on your social media!

Blur City
Blur & Filter

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