Winter Wonderland

Walking in a winter wonderland does not necessarily have to be in a cold, snowy place. You could create a wonderland anywhere you are as long as you have the people and the things that matter to you. By having things that matter, we do not mean for you to be materialistic, but we are aware that sometimes we have tools that contribute to our happiness.

In this case, we hope that AirBrush has been a part of your life for a while now, and you are truly enjoying the benefits of all the editing options it has to offer. This holiday season, we want you to feel refreshed and to continue using our tools to edit your festive photos.


The Retouch tab of the AirBrush app has endless possibilities for you to try. It is fun to use one tool, but it makes it extra unique when you learn how to combine certain tools to create spectacular photos!

We will show you tips on how to create your own Winter Wonderland using the following tools.

Winter Wonderland 01

Don’t be fooled into thinking these tools are only possible for facial or body features, you can use them for anything you can come up with! In the previous image, we used the Highlighter tool to lighten up their faces. We then used the Whiten tool to make the snow whiter, and Brighten to give their clothing more color.

In the following picture, we used the Beauty Magic tab to enhance the whole picture. When there are too many objects or people, it helps to allow the app to do its own thing, and then we just fix what we do not like. After, we reused the Whiten tool for the coat, and Reshape to make both coats look narrower.

Winter Wonderland 02

For the next photo, we had some fun using the Glitter tool to create a sparkling effect on her jacket. We also decreased her Skin Tone, so it looked brighter through all the dark colors in the picture. And, we used Stretch to lengthen her torso.

Winter Wonderland 03

Last but not least important, we wanted to show you how wonderful you could look this winter with these tools. We applied the Sculpt tool on her lips to make them fuller, and on her chin to make it narrower. Then, we applied the Matte effect to decrease the glare, and Brighten to make her beautiful eyes stand out even more.

Winter Wonderland 04

It is so easy to create a Winter Wonderland using AirBrush, all you have to do is take some pictures and open them up with the app. As mentioned many times before, your creativity is what will make photos unique. pOur posts are meant to just give you ideas.

Keep enjoying your festivities and check back for our upcoming posts, we have a lot for you before the year ends!