5 Tools to Instantly Enhance Your Product Videos

Video is still king and the easiest way to grab attention as your target audience scrolls through their feeds. If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to creating promotional content, then AirBrush Video is a great all-round option. Just like its sister app, AirBrush, AirBrush Video is an easy-to-use video editing app that puts the power back in your hand to create product videos without the stress and cost of outsourcing the job. Nail your exact vision with AirBrush Video and these ready-to-go tools.


pile of makeup

If you’re shooting multiple products from your brand, you’ll need a way to move from product shot to product shot. Even this simple element can be used to reflect your brand in your product videos. Increasing the length of Transitions can make the video feel luxurious if you’re selling premium products. A snappy transition communicates action and would suit a sports brand for example. 


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Video is great for grabbing attention and presenting visuals in a short amount of time but you may be limited in conveying all the info you want. A good way to ensure that your audience gets all the facts in your product videos is to use Text. With this tool, you can lay out plainly the details you want to communicate. This includes dates, times, sales or pop-up shops. This allows the pertinent information to be divulged quickly and in an easy-to-remember block. Text is also good to add captions to your videos for the hearing impaired in your audience. 


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One of the advantages of the digital space is repurposing already existing assets. However, lighting and backdrops may vary wildly between photo series. If you need to group products in a product video that weren’t photographed together, a Filter can add cohesiveness. It does so by adding the same lighting and color tone to all clips in your video. You can choose to apply the same Filter to all clips with one tap or choose Filters that emphasize the main color of the product in individual clips. AirBrush Video grants you control.


product videos - mask

The Mask tool adds a traditional look to your product videos. Think of it as adding a Vignette to each clip on your timeline. You can add the same style to all clips or you can choose a different mask for each clip. You can adjust the size of the Mask to determine how much of the product is visible. Additionally, you can add a feathering effect to take away the harsh contrast if this better aligns with your brand’s aesthetic. 


product videos - music
product videos - airbrush video

Just as with Transitions, Music also lends to your brand voice. Choose a classical or instrumental theme for luxurious products or a fast tempo for a fun and upbeat vibe. AirBrush Video has a hefty music catalogue that you can apply to your product videos. It’s broken up into easy-to-browse categories that make finding the right tunes a breeze. Apply the music clip to the timeline and adjust for length, then customize the fade in and fade out to align with the visuals.

You may be hesitating on pulling the product video trigger because of the thought of production. But video content doesn’t need to be overwrought. Clean, high quality images combined with the features from AirBrush Video will help you create engaging content for your audience. When you’re ready to post use the hashtag #AirBrushApp and don’t forget to follow us @AirBrushOfficial for our latest tips and hacks!