Introducing AirBrush Recap 2023: A celebration of your creativity

Something’s been simmering in the AirBrush kitchen and we’re so excited to finally share it with you! Now that we’ve bid farewell to another incredible year filled with creativity and self-expression, we thought it fitting to start the new year with AirBrush Recap, a series designed to celebrate all of the creative journeys that took place within the app throughout 2023 – including yours!

This inaugural 2023 AirBrush Recap series is more than a reflection of your time spent on the app. It’s a gift to each and every single one of our millions of users around the world – a unique fingerprint that maps out your artistic exploration and empowers you to embrace and share your creative accomplishments with the world!

Ready to take a trip down memory lane? First, make sure your AirBrush app is up to date. Then open it up and dive into your Recap!

How to find your 2023 AirBrush Recap?

As with everything else in the app, your AirBrush Recap is easy to find and even easier to use!

  • Open the app
  • Scroll down to the Explore section
  • Tap “Try” then “Get Started” when the Recap opens
  • Take in all your 2023 editing highlights!

What will you discover in your 2023 AirBrush Recap?

Your AirBrush Recap is a capsule of your exploration within the app. From your favorite filters to your most used features, you’ll get a comprehensive snapshot of how you’ve used the app this past year. There might even be a few surprises in store as you uncover patterns and preferences you never even noticed before!

Keep reading to get a quick overview of what you can expect to learn about yourself in your 2023 AirBrush Recap.

Your time spent using AirBrush

Whether you were a committed daily user or simply indulged in the occasional edit, your Recap will tell you exactly how much time you’ve spent creating content in the app.

Your AirBrush Habits

We’ll show you a snapshot of your activity on the app by the numbers. This will include how many edits you created, as well as the average number of features you typically apply to each photo.

Your AirBrush User profile

Are you an AI fiend who spent most of the year generating AI Avatars, upgrading your headshots with AI ProPic, or experimenting with our other AI features? Maybe you’re a makeup enthusiast who made the most of our dozens of makeup sets and individual Build Looks elements. Or you could have found your joy in our Filter collection, Retouch tools, AirBrush Video, and so much more! Based on your preferences, you’ll discover your AirBrush user profile and learn if you’re a Creative Maverick, Glam Guru, Master of Color Theory, Visual Storyteller, or Retouch Savant!

Share your Recap with the world!

Once your Recap is complete, it’s time to share it with the world! Each recap can easily be shared to your social media channels immediately by tapping the Share button on each page. Or you can download your recap pages to your phone and save them to share later. The choice is yours!

We can’t wait to see what your 2023 AirBrush Recap reveals! And we look forward to helping you create even more high quality content in 2024!