Discover The Horoscope Filter for Your True Zodiac Sign

We know you know what sign you were born under, but do you know your true Zodiac sign? The one that genuinely reflects your core personality traits? As luck would have it, you can find the Horoscope Filter made for your true sign. New presets have landed and they’re oozing with magical, zodiacal powers that can tell your sign based on certain preferences…all you’ve got to do is answer a few, simple questions! Ready to discover your real Zodiac sign?

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The Results


Aries Horoscope filter edit with woman sitting on a rock

Confident, passionate, and motivated, you’re a natural-born leader with a knack for nurturing connections that last a lifetime. Your cheerful personality and direct approach to life make you an open book that’s wonderfully easy to read. Your unrelenting determination sometimes results in frustration, but that’s expected of a Fire sign so we won’t hold it against you 😉


Taurus Horoscope filter edit with woman standing in front of a chain link fence

There’s a reason Taureans are represented by a bull – you’re smart, reliable, diligent, dedicated, and just a little bit stubborn. You’re most content when being pampered, which comes as no surprise. And your love for serene natural environments and soothing aromas is a direct result of you being an earth sign. 


Gemini filter edit featuring a laughing woman wearing a white t-shirt

Curious doesn’t even begin to describe you. Always up to try something new, your agile mind is constantly juggling a variety of interests, passions, and social circles. You’re the playful social butterfly everyone loves to be around and once you’re on the scene, we know things are going to be crazy fun!


Cancer photo edit of a man wearing a denim jacket and grey knit hat

Cautious is your middle name but when you care, you care hard. Your tough exterior often masks a soft and sensitive side that you’re inclined to reveal once you’ve become comfortable around people. Regardless, you have an uncanny intuition and exhibit genuine compassion that lures people in and encourages them to wait around until your emotional walls are lowered. 


Leo Horoscope edit of woman with blowing hair against city backdrop

You’re a Leo at heart, if not in sign. Strong, charismatic, brave, and passionate, you’re a fire sign that knows what you want and you have no qualms about doing what needs to be done to get it. You’re a people-person but often your need for control gets you into a few scrapes. In the end, though, you rely on your warmth and charm to set things right and that’s what matters most to the people in your life. 


Virgo edit of a smiling man wearing sunglasses

You, my friend, are the salt of the earth. Logical and systematic, you’re determined to a fault and always seeking improvement. You lean towards the practical side of things, an inclination that compels you to feel useful at all times. You set high expectations for yourself and tend to expect others to live up to them. But you’re always willing to help and we love you for that! 


Libra photo edit of a guy wearing a grey jacket outdoors

Sweet, charming, and mild-mannered, you are indeed a breath of fresh air! You need balance in your life and spend a lot of time ensuring your surroundings are aesthetically pleasing. Generosity comes naturally to you, but you’re also very mindful of indulging yourself whenever possible. As a lover of peace, you have no problems compromising and you’re usually the peace-maker in your circle. 


Scorpio edit of a woman wearing a grey sweater and sunglasses

Passionate and assertive, you’re by far the most determined and focused zodiac sign of the lot. You primarily see the world in black and white, relying on cold hard facts over feelings every time. Known for being resourceful, people tend to rely on, and trust you. As such, you often find yourself in leadership roles, which suits you just fine. 


Sagittarius edit of a woman with long brown hair sitting on a rock

You’re full of life and always up for an adventure! Curious by nature with a philosophical approach to life, you’re the commensurate optimist who never shies away from new people or experiences. True to your fire sign, you’re an extrovert to your very core with a level of enthusiasm that transforms your visions into reality more often than not.


Capricorn horoscope edit of a man wearing a white shirt sitting outdoors

Ambitious and strong-willed, the concept of giving up on something is completely foreign to you. You’re the first to take on a challenge and the last to throw in the towel. Your determination translates into loyalty in your personal and professional life, making you a reliable collaborator and partner. 


Aquarius horoscope edit of a woman laughing in a lavender field

You’re a free spirit and a rebel at heart. Often wary of authority, you are inclined to go against convention. As the last air sign of the zodiac, freedom is your best friend and you often crave space and time alone for personal reflection and introspection. 


Pisces horoscope edit of a woman wearing a red dress standing in a garden

Creative and empathetic, emotional and impressionable, there are many layers to your personality. Friendly is your middle name and your selfless acts often find you in the company of different kinds of people. That’s all well and good though because your Pisces intuition allows you to form wonderful, lasting emotional bonds.

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