Fall Photo Bucket List

Listen, these days it’s easy to let the seasons go right past you without experiencing what they’re all about. Imagine going through all of summer without one swim or all of spring without a picnic. That’s why we’re here to make sure you don’t breeze past autumn and end up with fall photo F.O.M.O. by winter. Presenting: the Fall Photo Challenge. 30 must do’s for your fall instagram feed. From leaves to pumpkins we’re hitting all the stops and finding the best AirBrush features for each activity while we’re at it. 

Fall Photo Challenge

A pumpkin before midnight

Let it not be said that pumpkins are the mascot of fall. These voluptuous orange babies made their way into our desserts, accessories, and even our coffee. So, of course visiting the pumpkin patch is a MUST. Selfie opportunities at the pumpkin patch are also a plenty but finding the right edit can get complicated. UNLESS YOU USE AIRBRUSH THAT IS

Let’s keep it simple. The Pumpkin filter is part of our seasonal featured fall filter collection. This filter drenches your favorite patch pic with all that heavenly autumn golden light you need. Remember you can adjust the strength of each filter by dragging the toggle at the bottom of your uploaded image. Once you find the right amount of pumpkin for your pumpkin patch pic you can tap the blue check mark on the bottom right and BAM you’ve got your first check off the fall photo challenge!

Spooky ooky

Every town has a haunted house. You know which one it is. The creepy one on the corner with the overgrown lawn and the creaky door. What would spooky season be without a visit to the neighborhood creepy abode? While the challenge may be to muster up the courage to pay it a visit, the next challenge will be to find the best edit to get your bang out of your scary visit buck. For this we’re calling in Vignette.

Vignette creates a perfectly shadow-y frame around each image. Giving it that vintage feel that goes perfectly with your worn down haunted house. Simply upload your image and tap the Tools tab. Swipe all the way to the right until you find the Vignette icon. Once selected you’ll find a toggle that you can swipe from right to left to adjust the strength of the vignette effect. You can always tap on the orange button on the bottom right of your image to check back to where you started, before all the edits. 

Voila! A perfect haunted house picture that crosses #13 (already spooky) off your list!

Sittin’ by the campfire

Fall is the perfect season to get in front of the fire and nothing goes better with a campfire than a delicious, melty s’more. We would be remiss if we let you get through this autumn without the perfect s’more and campfire selfie. We’d be even more upset if we let you get that selfie without the perfect filter! For number #10 on the fall photo challenge we give you the Monocle filter, MON-5.

Upload your chosen campfire selfie and take yourself on over to the filter tab. Don’t already have the Monocle filter collection downloaded? Take a trip to the filter market by scrolling all the way to the right and tapping the Get More icon. There you’ll find the Monocle filter collection ready to download.

Once you’ve added these fabulous filters to your collection you can tap the icon and check out the six different filters available as part of the monocle collection. Right now campfire pics give us all the Taylor Swift folklore vibes so we recommend MON-5. The perfect black and white filter companion to your picture. Play around with the strength of the filter until you’ve found the right mood to check #10 off your fall challenge.

Well there you have it! A quick taste of all the amazing fun you can have with the Airbrush Fall Photo Challenge! Don’t leave us out in the cold! Make sure to upload your photos and tag #AirBrushApp on Instagram to be featured on our profile, @AirBrushOfficial.