Stretch before you go!

Editing apps wouldn’t exist if people didn’t enjoy making some adjustments to their original photos. If you use AirBrush, it is because you are a part of the community who appreciates a well-edited picture that enhances the look of your face and body. You are entitled to make the modifications you feel the most comfortable with, even if it’s just adding a filter to change the color of the picture.

Below are some ideas for you to use when you want to make certain adjustments, for instance Resizing an area of your body or Stretching others.

Longer, Bigger, Smaller, and Shorter!

The Stretch tool in the AirBrush app is the ideal option for expanding or compressing areas. Making your legs look longer, maybe even shorter is an example of how to use this tool.

Legs OG
Legs stretch

The modifications can be minimal, but they will make a noticeable difference. In the pictures above, the Stretch tool was used to lengthen her legs and give her extra height. It does not make her look unrealistically tall, but it rather complements her natural look. However, if you rather make the adjustments vice versa and make your legs look smaller, the tool works just as well.

Legs OG (1)
Legs Stertch (1)

Does Size Matter?

Actually, for some, it does, and this is one of the reasons why editing apps are a hit! You do not necessarily have to use it to make yourself look leaner, it could also work for other areas, like your face. In your AirBrush app, you have a Resize tool to help add or decrease volume.

Such as:

Meadow (1)

Can you tell where the resizing was done? That’s the whole point! Here are a few hints: her cheeks, her nose, and her chin.


Using several tools in one picture is a great idea, basic edits can go a long way when they are added together. If you use Resize and Stretch the outcome of your picture could be amazingly good! Give it a try.

Gym OG
Gym Stretch

Longer torso and buffer arms, why not? You are already working towards those body changes, a little help doesn’t hurt.

The last idea for you to combine, filters! Everyone loves a filter, and increasing brightness to your photo is the perfect touch.

Show us how you’ve used and combined these tools for your pictures, and don’t forget to tag us @airbrushofficial ?