Master the Goblincore Trend in these 5 Simple Steps

Have you heard of goblincore? It’s a relatively new aesthetic inspired by goblin folklore and centered on seeing the subdued beauty of less featured nature scapes and used and/or discarded items. Think soil animals or second-hand objects that can still serve. If you’re going to try the trend out, AirBrush has a few steps to ease you into goblincore and some tools that will make your pictures pop.

1. Become One With Nature

goblincore - filters

Get out there and set up camp under a  toadstool! We’re joking! But really, go out in nature to find natural inspiration for this trend. Think shaded forests, soft river banks, mushrooms colonies or examining the minute life in grass fields. The closer you get to seeing and noticing what usually goes unseen and unappreciated, the closer you are to goblincore. Use our Filters tools – to perfectly capture the feel of being outdoors.

2. Goblincore outfits

goblincore - colors

Goblincore fashion focuses on earth tone colors, think tree browns, moss greens, soil blacks and autumn colors. Clothing items tend to fall into cozy or utilitarian categories, such as overalls, chunky knits, woolly socks and walking boots. To emphasize these fits, the Colors tool will allow you to pull the main color forward while fading other colors. The Colors tool shines in this aesthetic as it adds the “gloomy” tone of this trend.

3. Get Your Trove On

goblincore - details

It may be a little known fact but goblins are known as the hoarders of the fearie world. So to rep the goblincore trend, start your own or show off an established collection. And it could be almost anything, books, tchotchkes, jewellery, scarfs etc., as long as it’s a relatively older piece and not something made recently. To show off your trove, use the Details tool to emphasize the quality and craftsmanship of your collection items.

4. Delve into Mycology

mushroom colony

Earlier, we joked about finding a toadstool but honestly, mushrooms are a central fixture in goblincore. Mushrooms have been traditionally associated with decay and the unwanted. In recent times, we’ve come to learn exactly how complicated & fascinating mushroom ecology is. The Enhance tool will allow you to bring out the various colors and textures found in this unique species.

5. Find Your Malignity

women camping

Bet you didn’t know, a group of goblins is called a malignity. In other words, find your tribe because, despite the look of the aesthetic, goblincore is not a solitary trend. Get into group activities like vintage shopping, nature walks, environment cleanups to celebrate a shared love for the trend. It may feel counter-intuitive, but our Makeup tool comes in handy for a slight enhancement with your fellow goblins. We think it gets a pass as you and your friends are not, in fact, small, grotesque, monstrous creatures.

The goblincore trend isn’t hard to get into, so if you feel drawn to it, use the steps above to delve even deeper. AirBrush, the easy photo editor, will be here to take your photo memories from good to great, allowing you to share this subculture trend. Once you post, use #AirBrushApp to tag your pics so everyone can find them. Then follow @AirBrushOfficial over on Instagram for our latest tips, tricks and hacks!