No Drivers License needed for these New Car Edits

New Car Edits 01

Vroom vroom, beep beep, there’s nothing like that new car smell! That feeling of sliding into a brand new ride is incomparable. Who wouldn’t love to recreate that feel on the daily. Well it doesn’t take a drivers license to create the sickest new car edits to remind you of that fresh-to-death vibe. Here are some key editing tricks to getting that new car edit.

1.Shift into Focus

Use the Bokeh Tool to create depth in your new car selfie.

The Smart Select feature allows you to manually select your focus area.

  • Start by adjusting your brush size by sliding the toggle. 
  • It can help to start with a broad brush size then adjust to a smaller size to capture the detailed edges.
  • Slide your finger tip across the areas you’d like to include. In this case it should be you and your new car!
  • Now that you’ve selected your focal points you can begin to adjust the Bokeh Tool strength.
  • You’ll notice that the stronger the tool is, the more prominent the motifs show.
  • You can choose from Round, Triangle, Hexagon, & Heart motifs in your Bokeh Tool.
  • Consider this part of your driver’s license test passed!

2. Get Your Car Detailed

The Details Tool sharpens the elements and  contrast of the selected area.

  • Listen, when it comes to showing off your new car you gotta show off the details.
  • Find your Details Tool in your Retouch Tab.
  • Use your fingertip to select the main areas like your face and the grill of the car.
  • Once you’re done selecting your focal areas, you can use the toggle on the right to adjust the strength of the tool.
  • If only this was available for your driver’s license picture.

3. Put a Tint On It

  • In the Celestial Filter Pack you’ll find 5 gorgeous Filters all with that holographic, prismatic freshness you want out of that new car edit.
  • Try the Prism Filter for that dreamy glow that will let everyone know “yah, I’m a vision.”
  • Adjust the strength of the Filter by dragging the center toggle. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes more is more. It’s your new car, follow your diesel powered heart.
  • When you feel you got it right, tap the check mark on the bottom right and get ready to roll.
  • We got that done faster than the drivers license line at the DMV.

The Finish Line

VROOOM VRRRRROOOOOMMMMM who’s that hottie with a new car and a body? It’s you! Look at you all shiny and new and with all the attitude to carry it. Now that you’re sporting a flashy new editing driver’s license, make sure to post your picon IG and tag #AirBrushApp. You might just get featured on the official AirBrush page @AirBrushOfficial and get to show off your sick new wheels to the world. Now buckle up and get going. You’ve got some editing to do!