Quiz: Which Stranger Things Character Are You?

Stranger Things has become one of the most-watched Netflix shows, helped by its retro 80s vibe and some killer acting. With not a single dull moment in the fictional town of Hawkins, it’s an original series that is peak binge material. If you, like us here at AirBrush, are obsessed with the Stranger Things characters, we highly recommend taking this quiz to find out who’s your counterpart in the cast of the show.

Which Stranger Things Character Are You?

Time to find out which Stranger Things Character you are, so let’s get started!



Stranger Things Character - filter

You’re as intelligent and determined as this Stranger Things Character, and you don’t care what other people think about you. You’re an introvert and find it challenging to open up and trust new people. However, when in the right group of friends, you’re loyal and a team player who wouldn’t hesitate to risk their lives for the common good. The Autumn Filter will give your pictures some warm orangy tones to symbolize your passion and loyalty for those you hold dear.


Stranger Things Character - filter

You’re an unwavering friend to have around and a natural-born leader. You always take good care of those closest to you and portray kindness and loyalty. Moreover, you’re an emotionally open person, driven by love, and you have a positive approach to life. Try AirBrush’s Romantic Filter to bring out those rose tints in your photos that resemble how you see life, like this Stranger Things character.


girl in spandex

You’re a strong and brave person with a powerful presence. As a result, people are drawn to you wherever you go. Although it might take you some time to warm up and trust others, you’d risk everything to protect them once you do. In addition, you have a solid moral code, and you know how to find beauty in the little things. AirBrush’s Noir Filter can add a strong and bold touch to your photos, especially when paired with minimal portraits.



You’re the strategic mind of the company, cautious and level-headed in times of crisis. You think before you act and measure the weight of your decisions. Moreover, you’re an extrovert and enjoy having fun with others. Although you can get defensive from time to time, you have a good-hearted nature and are always down on earth. The Retro Filter adds some muted earthly tones that perfectly match your personality.


woman in pink suit

You’re the introvert of the friends’ group, brilliant and a bit shy. You always put others’ needs ahead of your own, and you value honesty. But, above all, you’re creative and good-hearted, and you add a breath of fresh air with your youthful presence. The Fresh Filter adds a nice touch of glow with bright tones and vivid colors. It’ll perfectly represent your creativity and youth.

Did you match with your desired Stranger Things character? We bet you did, and we also wager that our suggested filters will complement your photos based on your personality traits. Use AirBrush’s easy photo editor to apply the ideal filter for your energy. Then post your photos with the hashtag #AirBrushApp and don’t forget to follow us @AirBrushOfficial for our latest tips and hacks!.