The Ultimate Guide to Taking Mirror Selfies

Mirror selfies have been “in” since camera phones became a thing and they don’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. From your bathroom to your car, mirrors are everywhere and they are convenient tools to help you create unique and compelling content…when used correctly. While this genre of self-portraiture may appear effortless, proper execution requires attention to detail and a basic understanding of photography concepts. So, whether you’re an influencer trying to keep it real, or you’re just too shy to pose in public, AirBrush has compiled a comprehensive guide to help you take your mirror selfies to the next level.

How to Take Mirror Selfies, The Essentials…


Mirror Selfies

The first thing to consider in photography at any level is the lighting. Even more so for mirror selfies as there will be reflections of light enhancing or overpowering the photo. For an easy set-up, you can use natural light from your windows and the time of day as a natural mood setter. Use the crisp morning light for cool tones or the afternoon golden hour for warm-toned photos. You’ll need to face the window (the light source) and the mirror will need to be placed in front of it. This way the light falls on you for better illumination. If you place the window to your back and the mirror in front of you, you’ll be in shadow. Which is fine if you are going for a mysterious, silhouetted look. Otherwise, you’ll want to be careful of your setup. You can take the lighting into your own hands with Filters. The Filters catalogue can change your lighting color, strength and tone.

Mirror Selfies


Mirror Selfie

Next, let’s get into all the ways you can work angles in mirror selfies. With a large mirror, you can really push the angle from which you take your photos. You can use a remote control or the built-in timer and place the camera at an extreme side angle to capture you or parts of you in the mirror. This can lead to a sense of intimacy as followers feel like they’re just catching a glimpse of you. You can also take the mirror head-on, angling the camera from below or above to play with perspective. Similarly, a mirror that has magnifying qualities can dramatically change your results. Further experiment with angles with the Mirror and Perspective tools, found under the Tools/Adjust menu.

Mirror Selfie


Mirror Selfies Poses

Have you ever practiced voguing in the mirror? It’s a great way to try out new poses and being able to clearly see your reflection makes it even easier to perfect your angles. When it comes to mirror selfies, use as much of your body as you can fit into the frame. Play around with height and angles to see if you need to get down low, stand tall, or create some movement for the best effect. Remember, your pose conveys a mood, so consider if you want a tranquil, graceful image or something more assertive. Don’t underestimate the power a direct stare can have looking at the camera through the mirror. If you notice a few little blemishes while directing that stare, the Retouch tool comes in clutch.

woman taking full body selfie in the mirror


small mirror selfies

Don’t let the size of the mirror, big or small, put you off. It may be easier to work with a large mirror but small mirrors can certainly be more interesting as they can force you to become more creative and thoughtful about the photo. For example, a small hung mirror can become the frame that holds you among a collage of wall accents. Or you can show off your work desk or craft table while capturing a glimpse of you in a small desk or hand mirror. That being said, you may also find that small to medium-sized mirrors have more interesting or decorative frames, which can be a bonus visual element. The Details tools can be swiped over the frame to further enhance it and the photo.

Mirror Selfies - Details

Leave the House

Mirror Selfies outside

Our last tip for mirror selfies is to set your mirror up where one may not expect to find one. Head to the woods behind your house, the beach (consider getting the water) or your favorite hiking trail. The highly reflective surface immediately draws the eye and that’s where your image will be held. Combine our previous tips to play with the variables to create a unique mirror selfie. You can lay the mirror flat so that the sky and whatever color it may be at that time, is layered behind you as you capture yourself in the mirror. Alternatively, lean the mirror against the most convenient prop or even hold it yourself for a unique composition. If you can’t leave the house or prefer not to, tap into the Background tool to change your surroundings. 

Mirror Selfies - Background

Bet you didn’t think that mirror selfies could get so extensive. But that’s why AirBrush, the easy photo editor, does the heavy lifting for you and compiles them in an easy-to-use guide. If you embark on your own mirror selfie journey, be sure to tag us with  #AirBrushApp and don’t forget to follow us @AirBrushOfficial for our latest tips and hacks!