Unlock Memories with AI Yearbook: Explore our latest photo editing feature

Memories can transport us back to cherished moments and treasured times. They’re snapshots of our lives, encapsulating the joy, laughter, and special connections we’ve experienced. In recent years, technology has evolved to not only capture these moments but to enhance and immortalize them – all within the palm of our hands and at the touch of our fingertips. Introducing our latest innovation: AI Yearbook, an inspiring feature from AirBrush, designed to unlock the beauty of your memories through artificial intelligence. 

AI Yearbook feature 

Ah, yearbook photos! Whether they were on-point or cringe-worthy, we’ve all had to take them. Now, with the new AI Yearbook feature from AirBrush, you get to rewind time and create the 2.0 version of those memories —still fab, just a hundred times better.

Thanks to the wonders of AI, you can recreate an entire album that truly encapsulates your essence and captures the real you.

How to use the AI Yearbook? 

When it comes to AI, we often think it might be a tad complex. But fear not! At AirBrush, simplicity reigns supreme! Head to our app, and you’ll find the AI Yearbook feature on our homepage. Click on it and follow a few simple steps.

Remember, it’s crucial to have around 10 to 15 clear photos of yourself. We know your camera roll might be filled with selfies and portraits, just make sure your face is clearly visible. Don’t hide, shine!

Here are the amazing results: 

How to share on social media? 

Where’s the fun if you can’t share it, right? 🥰 Here are some ideas on how to share your new yearbook photographs on social media to amaze your friends and family.

One fantastic idea is to create a carousel on your Instagram Feed using our Text tool. Share your old yearbook photo alongside the new one. Label them with “Before” and “After” or take a cue from our edit by adding the year of the original photo. That’s the recipe for jaw-dropping reactions!

You can also use our “Enhance” tool and our “Filters” to add more color or create an old-school edit. In this edit, we’re using the “Dust” pack filters, which deliver vintage effects that will transport your photos back in time, perfectly complementing our theme.

With the “AI Yearbook, you’re set to unlock your past memories and breathe new life into them. We can’t wait to see your stunning results flooding our feed! Remember to use the hashtag #AIYearbookAirBrush, so we can feature your creations on the @airbrushofficial Instagram profile!

Catch you next time! 💪 Until then, keep those memories alive!