Which AirBrush Holiday Background are You?

The holidays are here and not for long! How do we make sure we take advantage of every second of it? With holly jolly selfies and yuletide vibes. That’s why we have released 4 gorgeous new backgrounds ready for your next holi-selfie. So, strap on that santa hat, throw on something warm & fuzzy and get ready to find out which of our holiday backgrounds is all for YOU!

The Results

These are a few of my favorite things…

You’re sassy, you’re crafty, and you’re not that concerned with being classy. The holidays are your time to shine and you know it. Wrapping paper, christmas trees, and pine cones are all your jam and you’re not afraid to show it. Red is your color, pine is your scent, and gifts are your talent cuz you get them sent! Bit of a stretch but it rhymed! Try this holiday Background now before it’s too late. 

Let it snow

You’re about this holidays but you’re not like gonna go NuTz about it. Snow can be pretty but you’re more concerned with all that quality time (quality time is your love language). While the scenery where you may currently be isn’t the magical setting of the holiday, you can count on this magical Background to give any pic the true spirit of the holidays. 

All of the lights

Listen we didn’t want to outright say it in front of everybody but you’re the pretty one. You know that bringing the good times also means making sure everything is #vibesAF. Twink twinkle, gurl. Try this holiday Background now before it’s too late. 

Now that you’re bulked up on your AirBrush skills make your way into those holiday vibes. Make sure to use #AirBrushApp hashtag to be featured on @AirBrushOfficial! You’ll have the world falling in love with your pics.