Classic Prom Poses to Strike on Party Night

Prom season is looming right around the corner and we can feel the buzz in the air. Hair, makeup and dresses galore are in the future for so many soon-to-be graduates. AirBrush has a quick hit list of prom poses you can use to make sure you have one of the classics in your camera roll for posting. Cheesy and fun? Or traditional and fun? We’ll let you decide, just keep scrolling for more.

Holding Hands

girl holding man's hand

We’re starting things off innocently with the simple handhold. You and your date have quite a few options with this one. Single or double handhold. Looking at each other or away. Hands down or in the air in celebration. You can even do the last hand holding trend of one partner holding the hand of the other out of frame. Even we didn’t think there were this many options but you and your date are spoiled for choice with this prom pose.

Back to Front Hug

man kissing woman

You may have seen this pose all over yearbooks from the eighties and nineties but that’s what makes it a classic. The arrangement is simple enough, one person usually the shorter takes the front and the taller gives a hug from the back. This shows off a three-quarter profile of your prom fits. For a quirky take, you can switch it around and have the bigger, taller person in front while the other reaches around.

Pinning the Corsage

pinning a corsage

The corsage started out with the ancient Greeks and has shown real lasting power. Usually, there are just two options with this, the corsage is worn on the wrist or pinned over the heart. You can capture the actually pinning or capture the moment just after. The pinner can kiss the hand just adorned or the pinned can smile admiringly can the flowers. You can also go for a funny moment and pull a pained face, pretending you’ve been stuck with the pin.


prom poses - kiss

Now, this prom pose may be a bit awkward but you can decide for yourself. Again you have a few options with this one. Keep it PG with kisses to the cheek, the forehead or the corner of the mouth. The person being kissed can wear a multitude of expressions; surprise, delight, interest or even a grimace for a laugh.  After these, a kiss on the mouth is left. We’re not suggesting a snog fest but an affectionate kiss on the mouth can convey the romance and depth of feeling you and your date feel for each other.

Make it Picture Perfect with AirBrush 

prom poses - filters

Once you’ve got the perfect classic pose nailed, finish it up with an AirBrush Filter. We have so many options, we know you can find one to elevate your pics. You can also go for one of our classic glamour filters and really take the retro vibes up a notch. Of course, you can keep things slick and modern if you want or soft and romantic. You’re in control of the whole look.

  • Go to the Filters Tab on the Main menu.
  • Scroll through the Filters selection. Narrow down your choices by choosing a category.
  • Adjust the intensity of the effect by using the slide bar.
  • Tap the checkmark to save your edit
prom poses - before and after

A classic prom pose and picture is going to be quintessential to saving the memories on this early milestone. Be sure to pick a couple that you’re comfortable with and remember that the pictures, the event, the night are supposed to be fun. So keep things light and let AirBrush, the easy photo editor, do the heavy lifting. Once you get those pictures posted be sure to tag them with #AirBrushApp so we can find them. Then follow us over on Instagram @AirBrushOfficial for our latest tips, tricks and hacks!