5 steps to get an Instagram ready photo edit

Hello there! Ever wondered how Instagram celebrities edit their photos? I’m going to introduce you to how to edit photos and add effects with a free photo editing app!

Have you ever noticed that most bloggers edit their photos using very low saturation, turning super-colored photos in a half-pastel tone photo with just a couple of clicks? I always found this kind of effect very nice, especially because I like my Instagram feed to look very clean.

I thought I was never going to be able to edit photos that way without using a paid app, but then after a lot of fuss on AirBrush app I learned how to use an effect that looks super cute.

AirBrush is a free and super cool application that lets you edit photos with a more professional touch. Click here to find out more.

Now, let’s go to the editing steps?

1st: Let’s choose our photo, open it in AirBrush and click on “filter”.

2nd: Now let’s select the “Vintage” filter package.

3rd: Within the filter options vintage, we chose “Mint” , intensity 100% (just drag the bar right).

4th: After doing this, click the blue arrow on the right upper corner of the screen to save the photo.

5th: Click “tools”

6º: Select “enhance” and configure “saturation” and “highlights”.

Note: The more saturated your photo is, the lower the position of the saturation bar and highlights should be.

Here you can check the steps I used to edit the photo:

5 steps to get an Instagram ready photo edit 01

The edited photo has a very bright, light tone. It is very fashionable to plan your Instagram feed like this. Take a look at this before and after: it’s super different, I loved it!

5 steps to get an Instagram ready photo edit 02

If you tried this out, tag AirBrush @airbrushofficial and @biasantosblog on Instagram. We’d love to check all of your photos!

‘Till next tip! Xoxo!