The art of capturing objects by Martinha

Photography is an inspiring and beautiful art, isn’t it? Through our cameras, we can capture subjects in a way that, even though they are not alive, can convey several messages. It is amazing how we are able to gather some of our favorite things and turn them into a photo. Here are my suggestions on how to take great photos:

Composition: It is a good idea to know what you want to display and the details around your subject. Sometimes, a photo with lots of subjects may distract viewers. However, if you know where to place them, they can make sense. See the example below by Alessandra Delgobo – a picture filled with subjects that connect and whose spacing and color has been preserved.

The art of capturing objects 1
By Alessandra Delglobo
The art of capturing objects 2
By Martinha Barreto

Colors: We have to mention how colors can influence a photograph. For example, people have been posting photos on social networks using vintage filters, right? If you want to go with an 80’s vibe, strong hippie colors will catch the eyes of your audience (AirBrush has the perfect vintage filters for that). Also, you need to create a set of colors for the objects in your photo. You have to gather light colors, earthy colors, and even go for the good old black and white.

Background: It might sound silly, but the background in the pictures of objects do matter for a good result. People usually go for a neutral background, which has a predominant color, usually white.

Make a change: When I say make a change, I really mean it! Try new angles, place new objects next to the one you wish to photograph, place small objects close to the big ones, try a top-down or far away angle. Make a real change! Be brave! Courage will lead you to amazing pictures.

Bring things to life: Many times people don’t understand what it means to “bring things to life,” but it’s this simple: leave some objects out of frame to give a natural vibe to your picture, photograph something you are emotionally attached to, such as an old photograph or even something you wrote. This way you’ll tell people a story.

That’s all! I hope these tips are useful to you. It’s great to see objects on Instagram or other blogs. Do more of that!

XOXO, Martinha.