Hello, Gorgeous! 5 Stunning Ways to Celebrate Pride Month

Yes, we’re talking to you, Gorgeous *wink*! There’s one week left in Pride Month and we plan to make it count! Are you in? Of course, you are! Time to dig into some jazzy AirBrush editing tips that will take you on a journey full of style and flare! Check out these 5 stunning ways you can use our most colorful features to showcase your Pride!

Slay with Layered Makeup

Are you ready to slay all day, Shantay? We’re doubling down with several layers of our favorite Makeup Filters to create one majestic look that’ll take your glow all the way up to 100. All that’s required is a few loops of “Filter. Save. Repeat.” Start with Holo as your base. Next add some delicate Drops. Then circle back once more for a touch of Shimmer. Frame it all with the Brave Pride Filter and you’ve got yourself a pride-filled masterpiece.

Get Your Glitter On

Time to ditch the drab and embrace the fab this Pride Month with a little bit (or maybe a lot) of Glitter. Turn up the volume on an otherwise tame pic by adding the Glitter treatment in unexpected ways. Venture beyond the eyes and lips and transform your wardrobe with a shiny pop of color. Just a few swipes of the finger and voilà! Top it off with the perfect Pride Filter and you’re ready to light up your feed in fully bedazzled glory!

Be Fierce with a Fab Filter

If you’re already rocking the whole color wheel in your ensemble, all you need is the ideal Pride Filter to take things up a notch. Something understated that speaks volumes without saying a word. For this, we’re Inspired to get Creative and merge two Pride Filters that add just the right hint of kaleidoscopic whimsy to an already color-packed pic!

Get Color-Crazy with your Do

You might be jonesing for a daring new look but aren’t ready to commit just yet. Take it for a spin in the virtual world this Pride Month using the Hair Dye tool. Chocked full of colorful options, this feature presents a world of opportunity for your adventurous soul. From Evergreen to Peacock blue, Pony to Unicorn, the Hair Dye tool is packed with an explosion of color to give your hair a makeover worthy of the grand marshall of any parade! Layer it with the Colorful Pride Filter to add the perfect accent and you’re all set!

Take Pride in Your Background

Celebrate your pride with a Background that truly reflects your passion. Whether you opt to use one of the many colorful images available on AirBrush or tap into your own photos for a custom look using the Library feature. The choice is yours. The goal here is to present yourself against a backdrop that tells your story in the most authentic way.

Now, it’s your turn. Go forth and create a Pride Month edit we can all be proud of. Remember, the more color, the merrier we’ll all be! So dig deep into the AirBrush app, find the features with the most pizzazz and channel them into your favorite photo. Follow us on Instagram @AirBrushOfficial and use #AirBrushApp to share your pics. We’d love to see them!