It Ain’t Easy Being Green, 5 St. Patrick’s Edits

Ello, lassie. The day of St. Patrick is here. What does this mean? It means that we are all in danger of assault by pinch if we do not wear the color green. That’s right, today is the day when all the most annoying people pull out their little phalanges and start picking at those of us with too much good taste to splash that color on ourselves in the name of a holiday. Alas, safety comes first these days so instead of letting yourself wander into that dangerous world, defenceless, we came up with 5 ways you can make sure to avoid a pinch without looking like the grinch. Here are our top 5 ways to green it up this St. Patrick’s day.

1. When in Doubt… HAIR!

Let’s start off with somethin’ easy. Your Hair Dye Tool is fully equipped with the perfect shade of clover green and it’s easy to apply! First time? Check out this post on Hair Dye and get yourself St. Patrick ready in a jig. 

2. Can you Paint with These Colors?

Colors is a tool you’ll want to keep around. It’s a perfect way to say “you want green so bad? Here. Nothin’ but green.” Find the Colors Tool in your Tools Tab and play with the different hues to find the right one. 

Find that you need some extra umph? Take yourself on over to the Enhance Panel and pump up that Saturation. You’ll have more green than you’ll know what to do with for St. Patrick’s day.

3. The One with the Filter

Sometimes you just need an easy answer. The Breeze Filter lives in the Spring Filter Pack and is perfectly set up to take all the greens in your pic and give them a punch up. They can never miss all this St. Patrick’s day color!

4. Get Enhanced!

If back to basics was good enough to become a Christina Aguilera album, it’s good enough for us. Find your Enhance Panel in your Tools Tab. Here, you’ll be able to adjust levels from Contrast to Saturation.

At the end you can wrap it up with a little bit of Grain to give it that film look and BAM you’re all green’ed up and ready to go for St. Patrick’s Day!

5. Back Back Back it Up

Let’s start with some housekeeping first. Our new Teeth Tool is the perfect foundation to any edit. Find the Teeth Tool in your Retouch Tab and use it to give those pearly whites a little pick-me-up. You can then make sure the pearls are actually white and give them a swipe with the Whiten Feature. Now look at the smile! Speaking of which make sure to check out our post on the Smile Challenge. One fabulous user will get a 20% promo code on March 24th. It could be you!

What’s more festive than a fun St. Patrick’s Day Background? Start by finding yourself the perfect 4 leaf clover picture and saving it on your phone. You can then use the Library feature on the Background Tool  and upload your very own custom Background. Make adjustments if needed then head over to the Filter Library. We chose the Goblin Filter from the Cinema Filter Pack. Goblins are green, right? Tap the check mark and save your masterpiece.

You are finally safe from all the St. Patrick’s day pinchers of the world. Did we have fun on the way? Of course we did. And we’re about to have so much more fun seeing all your St. Patrick’s day creations! Make sure to sue the tag #AirBrushApp and keep an eye out on the AirBrush Instagram page @AirBrushOfficial. You might just get featured in our stories! Now go do something Irish  & happy St. Patrick’s Day!